St. Ignatius Boston College and Fairmont Copley Plaza wedding – Katie + James

Weddings are fascinating to me because for this one day, all the feels come out. It’s a day where people willingly stand up (sometimes a bit of coaxing is needed) and profess their love to their friends and family. Can you imagine a world where these sort of emotions ran freely a bit more often? monthly? weekly? Maybe that’s too much of the feels… haha!  Either way, this wedding certainly had incredible loving relationships – ones that have lasted quite a while. ie: Jamie and his little brother, Mike, who is “the best brother any guy could ask for”… or watching Katie’s parents on the dance floor. Her dad actually picked up his wife, squeezed her a bit, and spun her around. I want that for my 25+ year marriage! I believe that these beautiful friendships are a testament to the kind and genuine natures of Katie and Jamie. Christie, Katie’s maid of honor, have been friends for over 20 years. The two could reminisce for hours about funny childhood stories. The day before Katie and Jamie’s wedding, Christie wrote a letter to her best friend. She wrote, “Today marks the beginning of an ew chapter, one you will write with James, but before there was Jamie, there was ‘Katie + Christie’.” She talks about how happy she has been the past week recounting fond memories and how relieved she is that Jamie is taking her place as the best friend.

I learned lots about Katie and Jamie’s wonderful grandmothers that morning. I learned that Katie’s grandmother makes the most delicious chocolate biscotti in the world. I also learned that Jamie’s grandmother is another spectacular baker. She baked the communion bread and brought it all the way with her from Chicago for the wedding!
I’ll leave you with my favorite K+J story. Jamie write Katie a letter the night before their wedding and said, “I leave you with a quote I’ve been saving for 10 years (and you know how bad I am with keeping secrets)! I saved it because I knew it was what I wanted you to read before marrying me. It signifies the depth and breadth of my love for you – boundless. And it shows that our love, was such a love at first sight, that the world has never known better:
When I saw you,
I fell in love.
And you smiled,
because you knew.

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