Royal Sonesta wedding in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Karen and Kevin’s Royal Sonesta wedding took place on a beautiful summer night by the water. The day was in a celebration for two events; it was not only the day of Karen and Kevin’s holy matrimony but also Kevin’s birthday. This made the excitement that much greater and the celebration that much sweeter.

Karen and Kevin come from very different backgrounds and in fact grew up in two separate countries, which is part of what makes them such a unique and interesting couple.

They both embrace their differences and are constantly learning from one another. Their bond is strengthened by their travels together, such as their very first trip together to Miami, or their first road trip together to Montreal. Kevin sealed the deal when he visited Karen’s family for 3 weeks where he lost money to the family playing cards and helped Karen’s mother fix the TV. They both lead very active lifestyles, though in different ways. Karen loves dancing and going to the gym while Kevin prefers cycling and jiu-jitsu.

We started the day with Karen as she got her hair and makeup was done by Special Event Beauty. She looked absolutely stunning even before she slipped into her form-fitting and elegant lace dress. When finishing getting dressed, Karen’s mother was sure to be the one to fix the veil to her daughter’s beautifully curled hair. The adoration she has for her daughter was clear in her actions, like when she delicately adjusted the lacy headpiece or when she just watched with a soft smile as Karen posed for picture after picture in the sunlight by the window.

When getting ready to walk out the door for first-look, Karen discovered that she could see Kevin standing by the water outside her window.

Never have I seen a smile come to someone’s face so quickly. She covered her mouth and laughed. She waved over her mom, sisters, and niece to see her husband-to-be waiting for her. They took a moment to watch him and chatter before ushering Karen out the door and onto the first look. Even in heels, Karen was quick to make her way outside and to her fiancé’s location.

There is no doubt that Kevin and Karen have an intense chemistry and love to be around each other. From their first look on, the two took every chance to kiss, both on and off the camera. The two just couldn’t stay apart once they were brought together. After sharing several moments together, Karen broke from Kevin to retrieve his birthday gift. She helped him open the small blue bag and gifted him a pair of cufflinks! It was clear from the beginning that the two like to do things their own way, and aren’t bound by what’s expected.

The Royal Sonesta wedding ceremony was intimate and unplugged.

The officiant made off-script jokes and the couple even decided to bring some chairs up to the front so they could sit down. The atmosphere was light and fun, not stiff and serious like so many ceremonies are. There was no shortage of laughter, especially as the guests threw flower petals at the newly married couple as they walked down the aisle.

The Royal Sonesta wedding reception was a giant dance party. Immediately after some humorous speeches in both English and Spanish, the dance floor opened and the celebrating really began. Due to the couple’s mixed backgrounds, the song selection was a mod podge of popular English jams, energetic Latin ditties, and Spanish renditions of English hits. The floor was full, and seemingly everyone was a grade A dancer. The energy never dropped, and the party went well into the night.

Karen and Kevin were incredibly fun to work with and definitely knew how to throw a proper Royal Sonesta wedding celebration . I wish them all the best as they venture together through their marriage!



Photography: Nicole Chan Photography

Groom’s Suit: Men’s Wearhouse

Florist: Petals

DJ: Allstar Entertainment

Caterer: Royal Sonesta Hotel

Cake: The Icing on the Cake

Makeup/Hair: Special Event Beauty

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