Top 10 Best Wedding Photographers in Boston for 2020 – awarded Nicole Chan in the #1 spot!


Nicole Chan is a master in her craft.  Boston born and bred, she will inherently know the secret hideaways in near every venue in the city – and if not, she will scope out the place in advance to ensure she does! 

Nicole is the pinnacle of professionalism and will ensure that a timeline is adhered to so that you will have a chance to capture moments with all of your family and friends that have shown up to celebrate your love. 

She understands that every couple, and every family, is unique and is well versed at navigating tricky guest dynamics and will be there to ease your day while unobtrusively capturing your treasured time. 

We love that she gives back to her community with in-kind photo and video shoots to a variety of charities in the Boston area.”

The whole article can be seen here! Thanks so much! 🙂

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