Best Lightweight Travel Tripod

No matter how often you travel, there’s always something that can make your journey a little easier. A lightweight tripod is one of those essential items every traveler should have on their packing list. They take up very little space, and they’re also perfect for taking amazing photos and videos without having to ask a stranger to take them for you. 

In this blog post, we’ll share our top picks for the best lightweight tripods available today. So whether you’re an amateur photographer or a seasoned pro, read on for the best options for your next trip!

Today’s Best Deals: What to Look in Travel Tripods

Tripods are essential to any photographer who takes photos in low light or with prolonged exposure. They can be your best friend on those nights when it’s too dark for anything else but a camera! But what about tripods? 

The problem is that lightweight ones don’t always have enough durability, so you need one sturdy enough not only to take good pictures but also to protect against wear and tear from being carried around all day. Aside from that, there are a lot of tripod features that can help make your life easier and your shots more satisfying. Here are just some of them:

Adjustable-Leg Flip Locks

Twist locks are preferable because they’re slimmer and can be trusted to stay locked. Flip locks add bulk, but if you twist them tight enough, then it won’t matter!


You can take the weight with you when it’s in its simplest form and condense all of your gear into one portable package by using both a tripod and monopod. Look for multi-function models that convert between modes easily, so there’s no need to lug around two different pieces or buy another separate accessory!

The perfect tripod is one that has a range of heights to accommodate your needs. Make sure you check the maximum height on offer and see if it can be used for low-angle photos as well since this might save some weight in luggage or just make life easier!


When you buy a tripod, pay attention to the weight specifications. This is especially true for portable tripods as one may need theirs lightweight yet strong enough when on the go and outing with heavy gear like camera bodies or lenses.

Many tripod brands offer products that with comprehensive features, so read on some of them below:

Manfrotto Befree 3-way Live Advanced

Weight: 2.06kg


  • Lightweight build
  • Three-way video head


  • Limited height

Weight-conscious photographers will want to take a look at the Manfrotto Befree 3-Way Live Advanced tripod. This lightweight and durable travel kit was designed with both photographers’ needs in mind as well as those who shoot video footage on location but don’t want their equipment weighing them down while out exploring nature or capturing moments. What more can you look for in a three-way video head?

The fluid head is an innovative and convenient system that makes smooth camera movements easy. The tripod provides a good balance between weight, capacity, and price- which makes it perfect for any film crew on set! This model has strength enough to support up to 6kgs while still being light enough at only 2Kg.

Benro GoPlus Travel FGP18A

Weight: 1.95kg


  • Compact length when folded
  • Can act as a monopod
  • Increased maximum load


  • Head sold separately

The Benro GoPlus is a marvel of engineering, with its compact design and heavy-duty construction. It can support up to 2 pounds per square inch of pressure while still allowing you the maximum flexibility in terms of angle choices. This is thanks to the pivoting center column, which offers multiple locking positions within 180-degrees!

The tripod comes with bubble levels and interchangeable rubber feet, as well as a soft padded case. One leg can be unscrewed to make it into an excellent stand-alone monopod! The Benro B0 is an excellent ball head to go with the tripod. It can hold up shots at different angles and will fit nicely on your equipment, stabilizing it for clear photos that you’ll be proud of! (Ballhead sold separately)

Joby RangedPod Smart

Weight: 1.69kg


  • Includes a phone clamp
  • Multiple spirit levels
  • Extended height


  • Carry bag made with cheap material

The easiest way to step up your content creation game is with this tripod! It has a load capacity of 8kg, which means it can support mirrorless cameras all the way from large DSLR models. With an M-lock leg and fast twist locking mechanism, you’re guaranteed stability when taking those important shots.

JOBY’s phone clamp is perfect for any mobile content creator. The included JOBY is horizontally or vertically mounted. The double locking mechanism has two 1/4″ attachments, so you can attach your device to an adjustable stand and get the best angles while shooting!

JOBY RangePod is designed with an innovative quick-leg-angle switching system that allows you to quickly and accurately position your camera. With rapid open/close functions, this pod will never let go of its grip again!

3LT Punks Travis with AirHed Neo Ballhead

Weight: 1.6kg


  • Can also be a monopod
  • Optimal maximum load


  • Folded length can still be tall
  • Expsensive

Meet Travis, 3LT’s compact and versatile camera tripod that takes the hassle out of everyday use. Perfect for general photography or bridging between travel tripods & professional systems alike – this affordable lightweight stand will be your go-to system!

The Travis tripod is a compact and lightweight alternative to traditional travel tripods. With the ability to extend from 19.5 cm up to 1.65 m, this sturdy yet lightweight stand offers you an extensive range of working heights as well as being able to support 18kg – 11 times its own weight!

Travis is a versatile tripod that can be used in many ways thanks to its detachable column and 3-Legged Thing’s unique Bubble Grip system. The first allows you to use it as either a tripod, microphone boom, or even monopod, while the second provides better leverage when working with heavy equipment like cameras on set during filming!

3-Legged Thing’s Travis is a high-quality, durable camera tripod that comes with the AirHed Neo ball head and multi tool. It has an innovative design, so it can be used for both still photography and movie shots! The lightweight aluminum legs provide stability on uneven terrain, while its color options are perfect if you want something eye-catching.

Peak Design Travel Tripod

Weight: 1.64Kg


  • Versatile
  • With aluminum and carbon options


  • Expensive

The Travel Tripod is the perfect companion for your next adventure. It’s got everything you need – stability, load capacity and height! Plus it packs down into something that can be held between two fingers or tied around a wrist like a sling bag (no joke). The unique design makes setup quick & easy while also providing secure camera placement during use

The tripod is perfect for shooting photos and videos from your full-frame DSLR camera, which has a weight capacity of 20lbs. With low or inverted modes that angles the device inches off ground
you can shoot in any position without worry about stability.

Benro Rhino 05C VX20

Weight: 1.24Kg


  • Optimum operating height, small folded height


  • Expensive but worth it!

The Rhino series of photographic tripods is highly recommended for any photographer. Not only does it have excellent strength and weight capabilities, but its design also allows you to use the same model in both studios or outdoors without worrying about getting an uneven shoot because there are no joints where dirt can get inside.

The Rhino tripods are great for all of your photography needs. With an automatic leg angle adjustment, you can change the legs’ angles with just one button push! Plus, they come equipped to function as both a tripod and monopod when combined properly – so no more carrying two separate pieces around with you on shoots anymore

The package includes a Dual Panning Ballhead, which is an aluminum ball head with Arca-Swiss Style Camera Plate.

Manfrotto Befree 2N1 Aluminium Tripod

Weight: 1.6Kg


  • Can also be a monopod
  • Clip/twist lock options


  • Folded height not that optimal

Manfrotto offers a unique take on the standard travel tripod with its three-way head. The more conventional ball joint design gives it independent locking handles for panning and tilting, as well as an additional knob dedicated to swiveling – something not found anywhere else! You’d think that since these folders have protruding handles, it would be hard to store them compactly. Luckily the designers compensated for this by folding in their legs nice and neat, all the while the legs still swing up, so the feet encircle the head.

The Manfrotto Befree is designed with both photographers and videographers in mind. It offers smooth pans for video shooting, as well as accurate tilts thanks to its ‘fluid drag system’, which makes it easy on your hands when moving around while filming or editing footage! The three spirit levels keep everything stable, so you can take advantage of this fantastic product without any worries about level shifts ruining shots.

Lightweight and durable, this aluminum tripod is perfect for your camera. With four-section legs with flip locks that can hold it securely in place on uneven surfaces as well! And because of its single center column leg design (which prevents any extra stress), you don’t have to worry about damaging things if something happens while taking photos or shooting video footage.

Manfrotto Element MII

Weight: 1.55Kg


  • Assured rigidity with 4 section legs
  • Color options


  • No monopod conversion
  • Limited to aluminium material

There’s something for everyone with Manfrotto’s Element range of travel tripods. You can choose between different sizes and colors, as well as an aluminum or carbon fiber body! The only exception is the MII which so far can only be made out of aluminum. 

With a reduction in the number of legs, this tripod is more rigid and easier to set up. More importantly, it still has enough height for your needs even when fully expanded – without any loss or increased at first glance! One drawback, though: you can no longer remove one side as before for monopod modifications.

The new Manfrotto kits are not only sleek, but they also have eye-catching graphics and can be purchased in blue or red options to suit your style.

MeFoto GlobeTrotter Carbon C2350Q2T

Weight: 1.68Kg


  • Large load capacity


  • Limited leg angles

The MeFOTO GlobeTrotter is a great choice for those looking to travel light and take their photography skills with them. This compact tripod folds up inversely, turning into an effective monopod.

The MeFOTO BLobe Trotter is the perfect tool for any photographer looking to take panoramic photos with accuracy and ease. The graduated scale can be used in two ways: either by scaling your subjects on its stationary center point or angling them so that they sit atop an inclined plane, making it easier when shooting from cramped quarters. The center-post is equipped with an ingenious spring-loaded recessed hook that allows you to hang additional weight from the tripod’s bottom for increased stability.

Sirui T-005 travel tripod with B-00 ball head

Weight: 1.1Kg


  • Compact
  • Color options


  • No monopod conversion

The Sirui T-005 tripod is a compact and lightweight travel companion that can be easily stored in your luggage when not in use. The legs swing up vertically, reducing its stowage size to just 32cm long! Unlike most tripods, the center column cannot drop down into place – instead, it remains extended at all times for increased stability.

The maximum operating height of this stand is 141cm, which makes it perfect for most people. The center column can be detached and used at lower levels or when shooting into 8 cm without having to worry about stability issues because its built-in ball head will keep everything steady!

The bottom leg sections are quite spindly, with a diameter of just 10mm. The tripod is also very light in weight at just 1.1kg, although it has a respectable 5kg maximum load rating and is reasonably rigid even at its maximum extension. All in all, it’s a good ultra-light and compact tripod at an appealing price.


Conclusion paragraph: Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just starting out, it’s important to have the right tools with you on your journey. A lightweight tripod is one of those essential items that every traveler should have in their packing list. Not only do they take up very little space, but they’re also perfect for taking amazing photos and videos without having to ask a complete stranger to take them for you. So what are you waiting for? Start packing! Do you know of other great travel tripods out there? Leave us a comment below and let us know – we would love to check them out!

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