Briar Barn Inn Wedding in Rowley, MA | Megan & Chase

Our Love
Is all the good things
Even through the tough things

Our love
Is a sweet gesture to start the day
And a quiet evening spent together

But when the tide pulls us apart
Away from the warm sand
Our loves turns over the waves
To find our way back

Our love doesn’t always agree
It stretches
It bends
But it does not break

Our love
Is a diamond
Under pressure
And stress
It is strong

When we’re tired
It will carry us
When we’re hurt
It will heal us
When we’re mad
It will calm us
And when we feel like we can’t go on
It will lift us up

And in the end
If all we have is
Our love
That’s all we’ll ever need

Written by Megan with contributions from Meredith

Special thanks to the @briarbarninn for the cookie care package, to for having the world’s most soothing voice and providing such lovely vocals, and to @fordflower to gorgeous pastel pink and white floral arrangements.

As always, thanks to my amazing team: Karen, Masao, Gabriel, and Victor.

Kudos to Masao for always catching us behind the scenes

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