Harvey and Ratthana’s Lakeview Pavilion wedding

Ratthana and Harvey met on New Year’s Eve… But they didn’t kiss that night.

They could not be more different, but that is why they were made for each other. To list a couple examples: Ratthana loves cleaning the house and washing laundry, but Harvey does not. Harvey makes sure to leave messes around the house and plenty of dirty laundry in the hamper so that Ratthana can do what she loves. Ratthana is a planner, but Harvey is not. That is why Ratthana began working on this website 6 months before the wedding, while Harvey procrastinated until the very last moment. However, they do not disagree on everything. They are both very excited to celebrate their love and special day with their closest friends and family.

Harvey and Ratthana share a love of laughing, dancing, and food. 

Whether they’re out trying new restaurants or making fun of one another, the two agree that they are happy individuals and love being with one another.

She knew Harvey was the one when she realized how happy they made each other.

“He makes me smile and giggle inside without trying and plus he’s a great dancer!”

“She’s genuine and caring. I could tell she cared about her family a lot. She’s a good sister and a good daughter.”

I love that Harvey and Ratthana have so much love for their family and I am so happy that I was there to document their wedding day together! 🙂

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