Elegant wine dinner wedding in Boston’s North End


Jess and Aaron celebrated in heart of Boston’s North End 

Their day started off with a string trio that played for their wedding at St. Leonard’s Church in the North End. After the ceremony, Jess’ two nieces passed out white balloons to their 70 guests. As Jess and Aaron finished hugging it out at the church, the two departed their church as a married couple to a beautiful balloon exit. All of the wedding guests left the church, with a white balloon in hand, and walked the two blocks to Lucca, where they were met with seafood appetizers and a lively wine and champagne cocktail hour.  

It’s about the little thoughtful things and the quality time 

When I asked Jess about Aaron, she had so much to say. He is thoughtful and selfless, always. He bought her a “bride” thermos. He makes appointments to get massages together. He sets aside special downtime and he tells her, “just you and me”.

He’s excited for climbing cliffs in Positano, Italy. She’s excited for the wine and limoncello! 

‘I’m so lucky that I get to marry him.”

“I have a partner in her.”

“I’ll text her and I’ll say, I miss your face”

She tells me, “I’m so proud of you”

“He’s always trying to serve”

“When she smiles at me, it melts me”

I’ve learned so much about Jess and Aaron’s relationship and I am so thankful that they took the time to let me understand them. I loved listening the speeches from Big Chris, Jess’ father, Aaron’s brother, and Jess’ extremely well spoken and charismatic friend. It’s so evident that the two of them have cultivated some incredible deep friendships. 

Throughout the whole day, Jess and Aaron were very positive, and I loved being able to listen to things that they were happy about. It made me feel very positive and reflect on how lucky I am to work with couples like Jess and Aaron. I feel thankful for my family and my friends. 

Jess and Aaron, you’ve given me such perspective in life, in so many more ways that you can imagine. Thank you so much for letting me hang out with you all day and create these photographs for you. I hope that you eat your hearts out in Italy, and that the climbing is spectacular. Aaron, I know you love holding hands, but be safe when you drive your stickshift subaru with your knee, please. 🙂 

Special thanks to a wonderful vendor team

Reception Venue: Lucca – Jenn Glover! 
Bride’s dress: Pronovias dress from La Belle Elaine’s in Seattle
Bride’s shoes: Manolo Blahnik
Groom’s suit: Nordstrom
Florist: Katherine Le, Haus of Bloom
Band: Occasional Brass and String at Church-contact: bryan@occasionalbrass.com
Cake: Modern Pastry
Makeup and hair: Jenny Luu
Photography: Nicole Chan Photography

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