Colorful Boston Museum summer wedding, Catherine + Jay

Catherine and Jay’s Colorful Boston Museum summer wedding was hosted at one of my favorite Boston venues of all time – the Boston Museum of Science!

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The best part of what I do is that I get the opportunity to have a inside sneak peek into a relationship between two people. Often, I hear stories that are private and personal. My couples trust me to not share moments that are so intimate and I hope that they know how much it means to me that they share how they feel about one another to me. Jay and Catherine have an incredible story. The two met online, and though she was sick with a sinus infection, Jay convinced Catherine to go out on a first, but short, date. Catherine’s first impression of Jay was that he was a very serious veterinarian. Catherine suggested a second date location: The Museum of Science Boston, which was one of Jay’s favorite places as a child. This story made it into his wedding vows, and the crowd all unified in a “awww”, as they sat in the Skyline Room at the Museum of Science, overlooking the beautiful Charles River. 

“Our excitement about going to the Museum of Science showed me we could enjoy being kids at heart together.”

Catherine says that, “About six months into our relationship, we drove his Mini Cooper across Canada to Banff for his brother’s wedding. Then we drove back through the states and visited places such as Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, Crazy Horse, and Mount Rushmore. We had so much fun together! After three weeks of adventures, the trip was over. Jay was dropping me off at my house, and I started sobbing. I said I was just upset because I had grown accustom to the traveling lifestyle. Really, it was the thought of living apart that was so devastating.”

The pair LOVE cute things such as animals (stuffed and real), Japanese cartoon characters, oddly shaped vegetables, and children (when they are being cute).

Catherine and Jay are well-balanced. Jay doesn’t really like planning things, and his two brothers made fun of him during their toast about how difficult it is for them to keep in touch with him… unless they sent him WhatsApp messages about animals. Catherine, on the other hand, loves planning it. Because of it, the two have more adventures as a result. When it comes to following a plan, Catherine sometimes gets overwhelmed and/or second-guesses her choices, but Jay’s confidence and levelheadedness help me stay on track.

Their proposal journey included hiking all of the New Hampshire 4000+ footers and on the last hike, Jay created a ring out of moss and proposed to Catherine. 

The real rings include a silver fox on her engagement ring, and a very cool groom’s ring made out of meteorite!

Special thanks to a wonderful vendor team:

Photography: Nicole Chan Photography, and Karen!

Venue: Museum of Science Boston, Charlotte and Stacey

Makeup and Hair: Jenny Luu

Bridal Gown: Allure 

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