Boston Chinese Evangelical Church wedding – Wendy + Kenneth

Wendy says that the favorite thing that she and Kenneth like to do together is laugh, eat, and wash dishes.

From the first e-mail, I knew that they were both passionate and silly people. The support that they show each other – emotionally, in their faith, and during their long distance – is remarkable. They love each other easily, forgive easily, and never forget about the little things – like the power of a pinky promise. Wendy and Kenneth were married at their church – Boston Chinese Evangelical Church – where they had a beautiful bilingual celebration. Though Wendy and Kenneth came to me for my documentary and moment-based wedding photography style, they were also comfortable with the fact that I am not shy in large groups. They wanted an extensive group portrait session with many of their church members, who clearly were their extended family. The contributions that they’ve made to this family and community is so uplifting. It’s clear that the community showers them with the love and support that they need. After the portrait session, the community sat back in the church pews and Wendy and Kenneth, both quiet people, stood up in front of everyone, grabbed a mic and said some heartfelt thank yous. There was not a dry eye in the entire building when Wendy and Kenneth started speaking directly to their parents. They thanked them so graciously, pointed out so many un-thanked sacrifices that their parents have done for them, and of course, threw in a lot of snarky remarks – like opinions on their cooking talents. I usually keep myself pretty composed during a wedding. It’s all about light, composition and moment. However, I had to wipe the tears off of the back of my camera with my sleeve, more than once.
After the ceremony, Wendy and Kenneth held their traditional ten course Chinese banquet at Boston Chinatown’s Hei La Moon restaurant.

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