Outdoor Cambridge Wedding Photos, Jen + Ian

Couples who laugh together, stay together

Ian was the first person that Jen met on an online dating site that Jen’s cousin urged her to sign up for. Their first date was at Harvard Square, where they then migrated over to a bar and spoke until the wee hours of the night about light-hearted subjects like vaccinations and the Holocost.
Date at Harvard Sq. Had dinner and went to a bar. Talked about serious topics like vaccinations and holocost. I speak and meet a lot of couples in my line of work. Ian and Jen are two of the most compatible people I’ve ever met.
They came to my studio before their Boston Museum of Science wedding and something I noticed (and loved about their relationship) is that they would often look at each other, have a micro moment of silence together, and then break up into big laughter. I love it. This is who they are. From that day, I took a note in my Evernote that I wanted to make sure that there was big laughter in their wedding photos.

Ian is constantly thoughtful, kind, and corny funny. Jen encourages Ian to take care of himself.

For two nights, Ian stayed up with Jen as they cleaned in anticipation for her brother’s visit. Those who are sleepless together, also stay together 😉 Jen is constantly thinking of him even for small thing like making sure that Ian has enough milk and/or water.
At one point, Ian said, “At the end of the day, we are getting married”. The two very much prioritize their marriage and connection with one another. I know that they’re enjoying their time in Greece at the moment, but I hope that they are enjoying their first month of marriage to its fullest.
I am overjoyed that Karen and I was able to be there for them to document their beautiful Boston Museum of Science wedding. Thank you for your trust. Thank you for choosing me. 🙂

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