The Cape Club Wedding in Falmouth – Melanie + Jay

Melanie and Jay’s Cape Club wedding photos offer a glimpse into a very sweet wedding day!

And I don’t just mean the AMAZING table of tarts they had during their reception. Melanie and Jay were all smiles, and their parents just looked so incredibly proud of them all day.

The speeches given during their reception were amazing.

Melanie’s father got up and told a story about how she used to match her socks to her outfits when she was little… and it was impossible not to see the joy radiating off of him as he spoke! And Jay’s brothers got up and gave a speech that is best described as a gentle roast. 🙂 It was everything a wedding speech from your siblings should be…. goofy, mildly embarrassing, and, of course, lovingly crafted.

People came to celebrate with them from all over!

Melanie and Jay had wedding guests attending from California, Germany, and even New Zealand. If that doesn’t say something about the incredible characters . of these two people, I don’t know what will! Jay says that Melanie is a giving and caring person, and that she always goes above and beyond. Their Cape Club wedding photos show how much love their friends and family gave back!

Thank you for including me in your wedding day, and I wish you two nothing but happiness! 🙂

Special thanks to the team we had the pleasure of working with for Melanie and Jay’s Cape Club wedding photos!

Venue: The Cape Club – Wendy, you are awesome!! 🙂

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