Boston Fenway Park and Red Sox wedding – Ashley + Steve

That feeling, when your heart gets heavy like it’s too full and about to burst… It fuzzes up my breathing but also makes me feel so alive. It’s a funny thing. My concentration capacity doesn’t allow for me to listen to speeches with full intensity because my eyes are sharp in anticipating expressions and keeping an eye on important individuals. For Ashley and Steve’s wedding reception at Boston’s Fenway Park, that funny feeling came upon me during their letter reading. My ears perked, and I listened to some beautiful words. Because they didn’t have bridal party members, they wrote letters to each other and read them aloud to their intimate group of closest family and friends. I felt so much love in Ashley’s beautiful letter to Steve. She spoke about how wonderful their lives are together and how she’s learning to be a mother figure to their two beautiful boys.

Ashely and Steve’s Boston Fenway wedding reception was meticulously planned.  From the comfort foods – BBQ pork ribs, mac and cheese, clam chowders, Fenway franks, and ice cream bar – to the amazing candy bar, it was stunningly decorated. There were also lots of charming Red Sox – themed details at their Fenway wedding reception as well – including a baseball bat, mini baseball bats, custom baseballs with their names and dates, a home plate as a guest book, tickets as seating charts, peanuts and baseball cards as the table centerpieces, and even awesome authentic baseball stitching cufflinks! My absolute favorite little detail of their day – Ashley’s toenails, complete with the Red Sox B!

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