Harvard Club wedding in Boston, MA – Ying + Patrick

Ying said that Patrick was a Renaissance man and I immediately saw that. He’s intelligent, athletic (he ran 9 miles on the morning of his wedding day… for fun), and remarkably supportive. As for Ying?  I think, “total cutie” was the term that he used to describe her! Past the brilliant smile, Ying shares a beautiful love for family, possesses a kind heart and has a fantastic style. I didn’t get to tell you this, Ying, but if we were the same size, I likely would’ve distracted you and ran away with your shoes.  (and I’m not even a shoe person!)
The day kicked off with a beautiful ceremony at St. Cecilia’s in the Back Bay and then followed up with a traditional Chinese door games, where Patrick and his groomsmen had to undergo a series of tests in order to gain approval from the bride’s family and friends. My favorite test that Ying’s bridesmaids made him do was to a game of “find the shoe”. They cleverly hid hooked under a lampshade, eye level from almost everyone in the room!

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