Boston Public Gardens engagement photos – Luciana + Ashkan


Luciana and Ashkan first met in Vancouver, Canada while Luciana was a medical student and Ashkan was a third year neurology resident. Luciana tells me that their first date was in Whistler, Vancouver, which was likely perfect since the two of them love skiing, traveling, hiking and spending time with their rescue dog, Sophie. The two are now stroke neurologists, and they say it’s perfect because when they travel together for conferences, the two are easily engaged in conversations with other doctors (and no party is left to stare at the wall blankly, as I would… if I went to a stroke neurology conference :D).

Luciana, Ashkan and I started our Boston engagement session on Acorn St. in Beacon Hill in Boston. We loved the brownstones, the little flower boxes, the charming cobblestones and of course, the beautiful light at sunset. After getting lost in the Beacon Hill area, we walked over to incorporate some nature. Their Boston Public Gardens engagement session photos are classic, but show plenty of personality, laughs, and hugs.

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