Suffolk University engagement – Christine + Reggie

Each morning and each night, I wake up to my RSS feeds. I like reading short posts and entries. Sometimes when my eyes are tired, I listen to short TED talks instead. It gives me motivation and a bit of kickstart-juice. pushes out lots of content, but sometimes it’s all the same. Some of their leaders often talk about leadership and the main qualities that make leaders attractive – both in the professional “I want to be on your team” aspect and the “Hey… let’s get dinner” kind of way. 🙂
Reggie was the president of a cultural organization at Suffolk called Asian-American Association (AAA) and though Christine was not on the e-board and “just a member” the two caught each other’s eye. Reggie and Christine recount their undergrad days at Suffolk very fondly. They brought several boxes and walked down memory lane together. This included many many many cards, fun magnets that they’ve collected along their travels, and other significant trinkets like the leis that they wore when Reggie proposed to Christine at the Polynesian Hotel in Orlando, Florida. I photographed Christine and Reggie as they went through their sentimental in Donahue Hall at Suffolk University. They spent lots of time in this student center “living room” type space together. Both haven’t been back since they graduated, and this visit is bittersweet. Though it brought back lots of memories, it’s also sad because it’ll be the last time the two are in this space. The building has been sold and will be demolished towards the end of this year. I’m excited to have been able to photograph the two in this building. After Donahue, we also wandered in the theater, where I was excited to create some fun portraits with some dramatic light. To round off our engagement session walk, we headed towards Beacon Hill and photographed in the surroundings of brick, cobblestone, and perfect windowsill plants.
Christine and Reggie, thank you so much for sweating with me in 90+ degree weather. I love your images, your enthusiasm, and your apparent adoration for one another. I can’t wait for your wedding day! 🙂

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