Flying Bridge restaurant wedding in Falmouth, Cape Cod – Caitlin + Chris

In Massachusetts, almost everything is weather dependent and in a minute’s notice, your treacherous rainy day could be cloud-less with perfect bright blue skies. As they say, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.” Actually, I’m not sure who says that… it might’ve been a high school teacher, or maybe something that I made up (and tricked myself into believing that it’s a thing).

ANYWAY… Caitlin and Chris have been doing no-rain dances for over a year, as they planned their wedding ceremony on the beautiful Falmouth beach in iconic Cape Cod. Unlike most Cape Cod weddings, they didn’t want to focus on a seashell and sand theme. Instead, they focused their attention on seaglass – a beautiful color palette for the tables, bridesmaids dresses, groomsmen ties, and most importantly… on their cupcake table!

Both are life long residents of Cape Cod (Truro and Sandwich) and it was only fitting that they were wed here. If you could see me, I’d bring my left arm into a flex-ing position and tell you which part of the Cape Truro and Sandwich are in. (MA residents will understand me!)

My heart felt so full as I documented their families. Caitlin’s parents could be found glancing at each other during the ceremony (when the other wasn’t looking). Caitlin’s maid of honor, though not related by blood, seemed like she was Caitlin’s sister. She talked about what a genuine human being Caitlin was, and how lucky she was to call her such a dear friend. Chris’ parents were busting out some serious dance moves together. MamaTobias, mother of three boys, had plenty of tears in her eyes as Chris’ brothers made their best man speeches. I think Chris’ older brother summed it best, “Chris, you’re just really awesome”.

If you’d like to see more of Caitlin and Chris view their Cape Cod engagement session.

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