Castle Island engagement photos with cute rescue dog – Ali + Adrian

Generally speaking, my “luxuries” are mostly in the form of technology. My favorite luxury is my air conditioner. Other than a walk in the morning with Sledder, I’m usually hanging with my computer for most of the day – editing, writing goofy blogposts, and laughing at The Onion. When I walked outside to walk Sledder again in the afternoon, the wave of 90degree F heat, mugginess and general stickiness hit me. Holy cow. I quickly texted Ali and asked her if she wanted to reschedule her engagement session so that she wouldn’t melt (and so that I wouldn’t melt). Because the two have such incredibly busy careers (GO BETA BURGER!), they decided to stay with that afternoon. I applied a bit more deodorant than usual, and got ready to drive to their house.

We started in their home with their newly adopted dog, Emma (who originally was named Tiffany – They quickly nixed that), and their cat, Figaro. We then drove over to Castle Island, where Ali and Adrian often walk Emma. I am SO glad we didn’t reschedule. Their engagement session was absolute perfection. Clouds magically appeared when I wanted them to. Then direct beans of sunlight appeared just as I was wishing for them. Ali and Adrian looked amazing (while I was a messy pile of sweat) and I couldn’t be happier with the images that we created toget

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