What to Wear For Your Boston Headshot Photo Session

Have an upcoming job interview? Making a name for yourself and your startup business? Creating a portfolio for your future real estate listing clients? It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, actor, or just someone looking for an updated profile photo. You need a great headshot session to be successful in the modern world of business and social media.

This helpful guide will help walk you through the process from beginning to end so that everything goes smoothly in your next headshot session.

The Importance of having a Professional Headshot

A great headshot ensures that when people see your image they have confidence in not only the professional abilities but also the person behind them as well-which makes us feel really confident!

Who can forget the old saying, “put your best face forward”? It’s wise to look nice and professional during the beginning of your career.

A person’s appearance is judged in a process psychologists call a ‘think slicing’, which is when people form an opinion about someone within just seconds after seeing their picture or meeting them.

A good headshot is much more than just getting a photo of your face. It’s about showcasing who you are, what work you do and how it can benefit others.

What to wear for your Boston Headshot Shoot

Before we get started on taking great photos of you in front of my camera lens- let’s talk about what clothing might work best! You want the viewer to feel that they are getting to know who YOU really are when looking at your pictures. 

Wear solid and simple colors

Headshots can be a great way to introduce solid colors for contrast.

Keep away from patterns, print textures, and big logos

They take away attention from your face and make your headshot extremely busy.

Style Accordingly: Look the part!

What will the headshot be used for? If it’s for a specific industry, make sure to style according to your profession. Most professional services will be business formal – in real estate and law you’ll see people wearing suit jackets with ties or dress slacks.

Other industry standards are much more relaxed than other fields because everyone has different needs and preferences for how they dress at work. Some professionals choose the look that makes them feel like themselves while others want something looser so as to avoid feeling constricted by business attire.

Bring several different outfits

Our headshot sessions allow for unlimited outfits. Feel free to bring a few for variety.

Choose simple and timeless accessories

Your accessories shouldn’t be your headshot’s center of attention. If you wear glasses to work, include them in the headshot for an authentic and current look. You might want to consider using spare glasses or sunglasses if there is too much lens glare.

Other accessories such as jewelry and neckties can be a great way to create an accent that will appear beautifully in your headshot. Try wearing red jewelry to complement a yellow dress or a blue necktie over a white shirt. 

Iron/Steam your clothes

No one likes creases and wrinkles, and no, photoshop can’t do everything.

Personal Care Tips: How to prepare for your Boston headshot photography session

Stay Hydrated

Drink lots of water! Being hydrated before and during your photo shoot can prevent your skin from sagging, helping you look your best self. Moreover, water prevents your face from becoming puffy. As an added bonus, it also prevents acne!

Use lip balm the night before

Your lips are the perfect canvas for colorful lipstick, but it’s important to make sure they’re always moisturized. To achieve this goal, apply lip balm every night before bed and wake up with a smooth, soft texture that will allow you to wear any hue of your choosing!

Get a haircut a week before

A haircut is a great idea before your headshot session, but don’t get one the day after. A little trim will help make sure your hair looks healthy in order to show off those perfect cheekbones and you’ll be able to relax on set instead of stressing about what happens if it starts raining out or something like that! If you’re going for the clean-shaven look, remember to shave the night before!

Hire professional hair and makeup artists

Hire professionals. They’re good at what they do. You don’t wear a lot of makeup or want something simple? The “no makeup” fresh look is very modern at the moment, and I still would recommend a makeup artist.

Insist on doing your own hair and makeup? Test it out before the big day. Make a test of your makeup and hair at home, so that if doing something new is not the best for you, then it’s all good. Additionally, make sure you practice your poses so you could get the hang of it by the time the shoot comes around.

Nail care: Clean and/or manicured

If your portrait is one where your hands may be included in the photo, be sure to take care of your nails. Moisturize the night before, drink plenty of water, and schedule a manicure for the day before your shoot.

Clean up your eyebrows

Threading or an eyebrow wax can do wonders if you’re looking to have them shaped. Be sure to do this several days before so that the redness will subside.

Pick a photographer you trust!

My headshot sessions include:

  • unlimited time – so that we can create something amazing together. Good headshots take time. We’re not a drive-through McDonald’s.
  • unlimited outfits – so that you can make sure you truly love your outfit
  • real-time reviewing – so that we can talk about the photos as I take them, and you can give me instant feedback on what you love, and what you’d like changed

A good photographer can go a long way. And a photographer that can help you throughout the process is a dream come true. Choosing a professional photographer that has an eye for your ideal beauty and style, you can be sure to get the best looking photos.

The right person with experience photographing events understands how to capture some amazing moments! Make sure you let your photographer know what colors, styles and prints you will be wearing so they can find the best location for photos that show off your personal style.

Having a professional headshot is one of the best things you can do for your career. We know that preparing for your session may seem daunting, but we’re here to help! To make sure you have everything in order before the shoot day, be sure to review our checklist and follow these helpful tips. If anything seems unclear or if there are any other questions that come up as you prepare, don’t hesitate to contact us-we’re always happy to chat about what it takes to get an amazing headshot!

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