What to wear for your family session

Coordinate colors. Do not match.

Leave the white shirts with the khakis at home with the rest of the 1990s outfits.

Coordinate outfits by choose a color scheme that complements each other without being too matchy-matchy. This allows individuality to shine while still creating a harmonious visual ensemble. Think about how how all the colors work together along with the theme like bright colors for summer family pictures. If wearing similar colors, think about how mom’s dress could be a different texture and shade from the kids clothes. Just make sure the family outfits are a similar formality.

Classic and timeless is always a good choice

I personally love solids.

When in doubt, go neutral tones, and pop in a color!

Neutrals are great. Shades of Tans, Ivory, Grays, etc. Then throw in your favorite color!

Yes to simple accessories!

I love statement pieces, but sometimes, they can take over the visuals of a family session. Simple is always best!

Consider home decor

We often design, print, and order wall art (framed prints, canvases, bamboo prints) for our families. If the room that you wish to hang the photos in have a particular color theme, it’s best to keep your outfits to that color scheme, too.

Coordinate your outfits with location 

Consider where you’ll be having the photoshoot – your home, a beautiful garden, or a picturesque park. You want your family’s outfits to resonate with the surroundings, not clash or blend in too much. Think about the colors that dominate the location and make sure your outfits complement, not compete.

To Wear or Not to Wear Glasses?

If you regularly wear glasses and they are an integral part of your look, wearing them in the photo can help capture your authentic self. Glasses are a part of who you are, and if you feel more like yourself with them, it’s perfectly fine to wear them. If you have transition lenses that darken in sunlight, be aware that they might not look as clear or stylish in outdoor photos compared to indoor ones. Consider this when choosing whether to wear glasses for an outdoor shoot. Keep in mind that glasses can sometimes cause reflections or glare from the camera flash. If you’re concerned about this, you can discuss it with your photographer, and they can use techniques to minimize the reflections.

Be True to Yourself!

When thinking about outfit ideas, choose outfits that reflect your family and individual personality and style. You want to feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. If your family is casual and laid-back, go for relaxed attire. If you’re a bit more on the formal side, dress it up a bit. Authenticity will shine through in the final photos, capturing the essence of your unique family.

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Clothing to leave at home

Avoid plaid and busy patterns

Clothing that is busy will detract away from faces and expressions for your family photos.

No neon

Because of how bright these colors are, color casts may reflect onto skin. I don’t want your face to look like you got into a fight with a highlighter.

Neon colors are a high-energy bunch, but when it comes to photos, they can have some peculiar effects. Neon colors can reflect onto the skin, which may cause unnatural coloring or make the skin appear washed out in the photo. While they’re fun for a night out, neons might not translate as well in timeless family photos. Stick to outfit colors that enhance your natural beauty and stand the test of time.

Wear ultra-white clothing on another day

Instead, consider off-white or ivory.

Avoid showing off body parts that you dislike

If toes freak you out, leave the flipflops at home. If you dislike your arms, wear long sleeves.

Leave the transition glasses at home

and bring another pair, so that we can see your eyes.

No text

Whenever our brains see text, they automatically try to read it first and it can be distracting from your beautiful faces. Big logos or text on clothing might seem cool, but they can be a bit distracting in photos. Our brains are naturally wired to read text first, so why not keep the focus on those beautiful smiles? A logo-free, text-free approach ensures that the attention remains where it should – on the wonderful personalities of your family. Keep it simple and let your smiles take center stage.

Avoid large distracting logos

You’re not a billboard for Supreme.

What to wear family photos boston family photographer nicole chan photography

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