What is the best way to store my wedding photos?

Just sayin’… You are brilliant.

You are so smart for thinking about multiple backup ways to keep your digital archive of wedding photographs safe.

Why is it important to keep multiple backups of your wedding photos? 

Sometimes, services fail. Hard drives crash. Laptops are stolen. Online services go out of business. If you lost all of your wedding photos, how upset would you be? 

I’ll put them on a hard drive. That’s enough, right? 

No. Remember floppy disks? Probably not. Remember DVD drives? You likely don’t have one. USBs? Most new computers don’t even USB 2.0/3.0 ports anymore. Also, hard drives can and will fail. 

What Cloud Storage Service do you recommend? 

Google Drive – As of 2020, Google offers 15gb of free storage for personal users
Spider Oak – My husband loves this one for security purposes
Microsoft One Drive

What’s the best way to enjoy my photographs?

Definitely not by letting them sit cold, lonely, and neglected on a hard drive!

Bring them to life! Print them. Share them. Display them in your home. Have your album on your coffee table. Reminisce. Laugh. Cry.

Our team is more than happy to help create products for you at any point in time, even several years after your wedding!

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