Everything you need to know about Wedding Lighting

Turner Hill Estate Wedding by Nicole Chan Photography

I interviewed Sandy Mulrey of designlightco.com on the importance of designing your wedding lighting and some things to consider!

Lighting changes everything. It may be an old saying, but it’s still true

What should I think about in wedding reception lighting?

  • How will the reception room look when the sun has set? Will it fade away in the dark, or come alive with the right lighting? Hiring a professional lighting company will ensure that your room looks its best from the moment you arrive until the moment the last guest leaves.
  • How can we highlight the venue using lighting design? Are there beautiful architectural elements that could be enhanced with light?
  • What is your personal style? How can we incorporate your design tastes into the room and put your touch on the evening? 
  • What are the ceilings like? Are the ceilings high or are they low? Is everyone in the same room for the evening or are there multiple rooms?

DesignLight can create the wedding of your dreams!  Lighting comes in many forms, from the elegant crystal chandelier to the more rustic, playful bistro light strings.

What are some types of lights that we can use? 

DesignLight has many styles of chandeliers, ranging from the most elegant crystal to the more rustic. There are also bistro light strings, twinkle lights, moving lights, and state-of-the-art LED up lights to energize the dancing portion of the evening. 

What can I do about ugly ceilings and walls? 

Fabric draping can soften a ceiling or disguise any unsightly walls. Blending fabric and lighting together will always create a WOW factor. The possibilities are endless!

What Boston wedding venues are best to light?

All of them. We are fortunate to have a myriad of beautiful venues in Massachusetts and New England to choose from when selecting your wedding location. 

Tent weddings offer the most versatility when designing with fabric and light. If you’re more comfortable with an indoor reception, visit some of Boston’s hotels. Some are along the waterfront, with views of Boston Harbor, giving you the outdoor feeling while being free from weather worries. 

Also, Boston is rich in history and many locations have a connection to our past, providing another layer of interest to your special day.

How much does wedding lighting cost?

DesignLight offers a wide range of services and designs which enables them to create a custom look for each wedding couple. They’ll work with you on your wedding, rather than ask you to fit into their “package”. 

There’s no formula when determining your lighting and décor budget. The venue you select will influence the level of assistance you’ll need from your lighting and décor design to create the ambiance you desire.

Cambridge MultiCultural Arts Center wedding by Nicole Chan Photography
Cambridge MultiCultural Arts Center wedding lighting by Nicole Chan Photography

Professional photography tips from Nicole Chan about wedding lighting

  1. Hiring a professional lighting designer will enhance the ambiance 

and I’ll capture it beautifully during the reception festivities! The most common added light is uplighting during reception. I love it when they’re able to be controlled and changed. Dinner lighting is often warm, inviting, and cozy. Then, once dancing starts, it can be colorful, energetic, and exciting!

  1. Light up what you want to highlight

I also love it when professional lighting designers come in to help with adding ceiling lighting options. It adds such a beautiful touch to the room. Adding pin lighting to centerpieces can really make a ballroom pop! Also, during toasts and speeches, illuminating them as they speak can provide a very cinematic feel. The parts that aren’t highlighted? With clever lighting, your guests won’t notice those areas. Brilliant, right? 

  1. A black hole? No problem. 

When Sandy and Len’s team come in, they absolutely transform a room. The gasps and awes that I hear from guests warms me, and I wish that all couples could see how their guests react when the reception doors open.

However, I understand that not all weddings invest in a professional lighting team (even though we all know that I think it’s such a worthwhile investment!). Rest assured that if you give me a black hole, I’ll be able to light it with artificial photography lighting so that your photos come out beautifully lit!

Sandy Mulrey, Director of Sales and Marketing, and Len Schnabel, Owner

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