South Indian wedding at Kirbrae Country Club – Shreya + Alvin

What’s more romantic than meeting your spouse on a beachy, sun-kissed Caribbean island? Meeting your spouse while attending medical school at said beachy, sun-kissed Caribbean island!

Grenada is nicknamed the “Spice Isle” because of its famous nutmeg plantations. Surrounded by other small islands, Grenada is known for its colorful homes, fruit, and again – the spices. Shreya says that other than the studying part, meeting Alvin during this particular time and place was like a fairy tale. Together, the two love traveling, playing tennis, napping, and gym-ing (yes, I’ve made it a verb).
We kicked off this early morning Indian wedding day with morning portraits of Shreya and Alvin in their ceremony outfits. Donned in red and gold, Shreya, Alvin and I headed to Kirkbrae Country Club’s gardens for some creative wedding portraits of the two of them. The day continued with an energetic barat. Alvin rode handsomely out of the sunroof of the Lexus and his groomsmen spearheaded the party on the ground. Onlookers smiled and snapped photos with their phones. No one had ever seen such energy at 9am on a Sunday! As Shreya’s family welcomes Alvin and his family into the ceremony space at Kirkbrae Country Club, Shreya hides, but peeked out every once in a while to watch Alvin dancing ontop of the car. I remember her saying to herself, “Who taught him how to dance?”
Shreya and Alvin’s two hour Indian wedding ceremony included all of my favorite traditions: kanyadaan (Shreya’s father walks her down the aisle and gives her away to Alvin), panigrahana (After the fire is lit, Alvin takes Shreya’s hand which symbolizes union), saptapadi (the seven steps that symbolizes specific vows), and of course the agnipradakshinam (the walk around the fire. Alvin leads first for a few rounds, then Shreya). Their ceremony even incorporated a bit of eating, which greatly surprised Shreya. She says that eating in public is one of her biggest phobias. 🙂
After the ceremony, Shreya and Pooja go back to the hotel for a makeup and hair change (by the insanely talented Shruti of Goka Love). Pooja, Shreya’s sister, holds onto a few pieces of paper with writings from her grandfather. Pooja recited some of these emotional words during her maid of honor speech at the reception.
Shreya and Alvin, thank you for allowing my team and I to create such beautiful portraits of the two of you, and for allowing us to be there to document your energetic and colorful day.

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