Boston W Hotel and China Pearl wedding – Thea + Billy

During my career switch from consulting into photography, I learned to appreciate the genuine qualities in people. Often, I felt surrounded by office politics, client optics, and far too much schmoozing. Eventually, I felt that I, too, started to fit into a certain mold – speaking in acronyms, bragging about job “perks”, and doing things for the sole purpose of career fast-tracking. It felt yucky. It zapped so much mental energy from me. It sucked.

When I left, and started to make friends with other entrepreneurs, I started noticing a common denominator – passion and authenticity. It makes me look for people with this quality. It attracts me to them.
When I first met Thea and Billy, these two qualities were so apparent! There’s no doubt that the two are a perfect fit. Billy says that opposites attract. He said that she’s impatient, while he has all the patience in the world. He enjoys finishing leftovers. Thea has boundless energy, as shown by her genuine smiles – every time. Though Billy enjoys staying home and doing nothing, he says that Thea brings out the fun side in him. The two are very real people, with very real busy jobs, but still make concerted efforts to better their relationship by having regularly scheduled dates nights. The two are better people together, and that’s what it’s all about.

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