Art Deco – Artists of Humanity Epicenter wedding in Boston


I walked 7,000 steps even before I got to the ceremony venue [at the Artists of Humanity wedding]. – Chris

Chris paced, all the way up to the Artists of Humanity wedding ceremony time! One foot in front of the other. Over and over and over. He was part nervous, but mostly part excited. The ceremony likely start on time because he knew that Laura and the rest of her bridal party are “Type A people, if not Type A+”! 

On the flip side, Michelle fanned herself and blinked very quickly every time she got overly emotional

and was careful to not ruin the beautiful makeup and hair that she was so in love with. Michelle of Demiche did an absolutely stunning job! They ladies got ready at the Envoy Hotel with its quirky decor before taking a bus over for the Artists of Humanity wedding.


When Chris saw Michelle walk in for an interview, he told his co-worker, “I’m going to be in a lot of trouble” 


Chris remembers that exact moment. He recalls that he was particularly excited that they might work together. “Her walk was confident. She’s tall. She has long legs. Great pantsuit. She’s very striking. Her hair was beautiful.”

At the same time, Michelle told her mother, “I’m in trouble. I really like this guy.”

They had tea during the day together. In May 2018, they were in France with his mother for her 60th birthday. Michelle had planned the trip! On the last night, they were alone in a cafe. He said, “Y’know, I wanted to let you know I’m not a traditional guy and won’t be going down on one knee, but I’d love to get married”. She didn’t quite understand, She responded with, “Cool”. Two weeks later, having not talking about it, she asks him, “Are we engaged?”

Chris/Mops, congratulations on getting yourself a fancy New York wife!

Michelle, when I grow up, I’d like to be more like you. You are kind, fearless, and full of awesome dance moves. I hope you never stop giving Kiva as gifts! 🙂

Your Boston Artists of Humanity wedding was creative and so very “you”. Thank you for being a joy to photograph!!!

? Photography: @nicolechanphotography

?Hotel venue: @envoyboston

? Ceremony & Reception: Kristina, @afhboston

??‍♀️: @demiche

? Florals: @Stapletonfloral

? Gown: morganelefay_ny

? Bridesmaids’ dresses: @jennyyoonyc

? Cake: @soulcakeshop

?Music &? Lighting: Renzo, @epicentboston

?Alcohol: @brixwineshop

?‍?Catering: @gourmetcatersboston

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