Wireless Flash Triggers: Godox X2T vs. Godox Xpro 

If you’re a photographer, you know that having the right wireless flash triggers can make a big difference in your photos.

There are many different options out there, but two of the most popular are the Godox X2T and the Godox Xpro. So which one should you choose? In this blog post, we’ll look at both wireless flash triggers and see how they compare.

Introducing the Godox Flash Triggers

Godox has always been at the forefront of innovation. From their inception in 1993, Godox was dedicated to providing high-tech manufacturing equipment for lighting and audio professionals across various fields such as photography or videography who needed innovative gear with cutting edge technology as they do!

Nowadays, you can find them not only offering top tier products but also pushing boundaries by constantly bringing professional quality goods into these industries no matter what your profession may be: from photographers all over town relying on their reliable flash triggers every day, down through those hard-working members within film production needing powerful lights year-round -they’ve got everyone covered here

Godox has a vision of becoming the leading manufacturer and marketer in photography with an internationally renowned brand. They want to contribute significantly towards advancement within this industry through high-quality lighting solutions that help more people enjoy light shaping fun!

Godox X2T 

The X2T is a sleek and stylish trigger similar to the already released X1T. The new model comes with some excellent additions that make it stand out from its predecessor. These include increased size for display screens and adjustments on controls so you can find them more accessible when shooting!

The Godox X2T is a high-quality, professional trigger that has been designed with the photographer in mind. The new design features an adjustable dial. This enables you to adjust your settings and separate buttons for selecting which group you want to control. This way, it’s easier than ever before!

Not only does Bluetooth allow us wireless communication between camera/phone app, but it also offers more creative options. This includes sending shots wirelessly while recording video or taking pictures without having to connect any cables at all, thanks

The hot shoe lock means there aren’t complicated steps needed when switching out devices – loosen one screw (no tools required), attach mount bracket onto plugin socket, then push until tight enough.

Godox has released a mobile app available for iOS and Android, which allows you to change all the settings from your phone. This is perfect if you’re on the go, as it means no more fumbling around with tiny buttons or jumping through hoops just so that we can take our photo correctly! The X2T sits in between two other triggers – at £53 ( march 2020), it’s an excellent middle ground price-wise, too, between its competitors.

Godox Xpro

As the number of models increases, Godox has released another new trigger for their lineup. The XPro is distinctive in its design, with more user-friendly features and a more accessible screen layout that makes it simpler than ever before! In addition, there’s no pass-through function, so you cannot attach any flash guns at the top like on previous models, but don’t let this stop anyone from getting creative!

The wireless flash trigger is perfect for any photographer looking to make their workflow faster and easier. It has separate buttons for selecting each group and setting changes you can make with ease!

The XPro wireless flash trigger is an excellent option for those that want an easy-to-use, more advanced camera with big screens and buttons. It’s currently priced at £60 (March 2020), but well worth the cost since it can be used without needing another accessory like extra equipment or lights on top of your property!

All The Features Godox Wireless Flash Triggers Has

Godox trigger for your Godox flashes are here! These little wonders let you remotely control the power and even directionality (so it looks like someone was standing right next to) any flashes in a setup. With these, photographers can take pictures without ever having to be near their subject – which might be vital if they’re trying to avoid ruining some presets or getting footage wrong because there were too many light sources nearby at once

Godox’s Wireless Flash Triggers are the perfect way to get your photos taken without having anything subtle or complicated about them. They have an easy-to-use interface that allows you complete control over at least five groups, power consumption of only 2x AA batteries per hour (or one pack for longer sessions), wireless range up100 meters outside interference accessible environments, plus HSS technology. Which helps avoid camera shake when using off-camera lights! The trigger also comes lit by LCD panels making photography more convenient. 

Compatible flashes

The Xpro and TTL triggers can be used with any of Godox’s latest flashes, including the AD series, V1, etc. They have a built-in 2.4 GHz receiver so that they will work on all any camera brand- from Canon/ Nikon Sony Olympus Panasonic Fujifilm Pentax – even if you don’t see it listed here!

You don’t need a Godox or Lencarta flash to use the X triggers. They’ve kindly released an easy plugin receiver called “X1R”. The X1r is available for Canon Nikon Sony. It can be connected with hot-shoe-mounted flashes (e type) via sync port on the camera body if you’re shooting manually – this allows connection of various makes/models regardless of whether they have built-in pop-up lights like certain SB900s Bowens etc.

Godox Wireless Flash Triggers Differences 

Godox X2T Highlights

Bluetooth Connectivity and other Bluetooth Function

Godox’s new X2T unit is a revolutionary product that features fantastic connectivity options for your smartphone! You can control the lights from an app on iOS or Android, which makes life more accessible than ever before.

Some photographers think it’s easier to manipulate the buttons and dial directly on the unit, but the app has another cool feature. The app has some excellent features that let you control your flashes without hassle. One of these is the ability to take photos with just one tap and then have them match up according to so they’re all appropriately matched in tone!

Other Features Include:

  • Improved User-Interface
  • Dedicated Group Buttons
  • Bluetooth Connectivity (connect X2 to tablet or smartphone) (download GodoxPhoto app)
  • Twist-Lock Hoe Locking Mechanism
  • Relocated Control-Wheel 
  • USB-C Firmware Port
  • 1/10th-Stop Flash Adjustments

Godox Xpro Highlights

Manual Mode

This is a rather interesting feature of the Godox XPro, which they call TCM, a manual flash mode. You can take your first shot with TTL settings, and after pressing on it for long enough (about 1 second), all lights will be transformed into manual flashes- ones that match up to what was calculated automatically. It’s the same as other manufacturers’ systems but also adding extra stuff- like how far away objects are located about both distance & elevation changes when using wireless flash triggers. This makes it so everything lines up perfectly, even though there may have been some fluctuation during transmission.

It is a revolutionary feature that allows you to quickly estimate all-flash power settings so the photographer can fine-tune them from there. Many photographers feel this simplifies their lives and saves them time manually setting up proper lighting for specific shots, if not just being able to use manual mode at all!

Other Features:

  • Big screen
  • Multiple buttons
  • Tilted screen for easy viewing

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