Boston New England Aquarium wedding

Laurel and Steve had an elegant and colorful Boston New England Aquarium wedding in the summer. Their journey together has been laid back, goofy, fun, and filled with laughter. Laurel says, “We’re like the peanut butter & jelly of a PB&J sandwich. No one is really sure what made someone bring the two together, but the combination is just right! Every moment that Steve and I spend together, whether it is doing something mundane or new or unexpected, I enjoy it more because I am with Steve. During our unexpected layovers and canceled flights while traveling through Turkey, there was no fighting or bickering. Instead, we just made the best of the situation by visiting different terminals, playing cards at the airport food court, or venturing out of the airport. Right now, as we are learning how to dance, even though we don’t move like Jagger, we’re laughing and having a fun time regardless of what our feet are (or aren’t) doing :)”

Back in the early days of their relationship, Laurel temporarily moved for three months to New Mexico for her residency. Prior to her move, Steve and Laurel spent some time together in Martha’s Vineyard. He says that thinks just seemed to click and that they both loved spending time with each other. Steve fondly remembers this trip as the moment he realized that he found the one that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. When Laurel moved to New Mexico, Steve recalls computer cyber sleuthing to try to find her address in New Mexico. He sent her flowers for their 6-month anniversary and Laurel was so surprised! She knew them, that he was the one for her. Steve didn’t know for sure whether he got the right address until Laurel received the flowers!

Their Boston New England Aquarium wedding photos started at Laurel’s home – a traditional Vietnamese ceremony where they lit incense, served tea to their elders, and ate a delicious lunch with their families. Their traditional wedding ceremony at Bo De Meditation Center honored their families and their future commitment to each other. Afterwards, it was time to party! Their reception for their Boston New England Aquarium wedding was colorful, romantic, and beautifully set in the center of the city!

Wedding coordinator: New England Aquarium coordinator, Abigail Stephens
Bride’s dress: BHLDN
Bride’s shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Groom’s tux: Men’s Warehouse
Florist: Mark of “ The Celebrated Flower
DJ: Gary and Sandeep! (groomsmen)
Cake: Lisa Lundin of “Just Desserts
Makeup and hair: Carolina Velesco of “From Hair to Eternity
Lighting: Mark of “Socialights



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