Empowering portraits at the Women’s Lunch Place

In early January, I partnered up with the filmmakers at Promessa Studios, talented makeup artist, Anita Chu, and the brilliant hair stylist, Jenny Luu, to provide an empowering photographic experience to the women at the Women’s Lunch Place. The WLP is a day shelter that helps homeless women in the greater Boston area get back on their feet by providing healthy breakfasts and lunches, medical care, and support for women struggling with domestic violence, addiction, mental illnesses, and other stresses of being homeless. “At Women’s Lunch Place, we care for Boston’s most vulnerable women with dignity, foster their resilience, and empower them to pursue their dreams.”

After the makeover and photoshoot, we spoke with each woman about their story and gifted them a print of their portrait. Some laughed, some cried, and some reacted somewhere in between, but all of them loved their portraits. Stated by one woman upon seeing her portrait for the first time, “This is the new me!” What really blew us away is what happened a couple months later. We called some of the women to see how they were doing. Watch the video below to hear how the photographic experience impacted their lives.

Behind the Scenes | Women’s Lunch Place from Promessa Studios on Vimeo.

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