St. Catherine Greek Orthodox Church Wedding in Braintree, MA

“I’m really ready for this”, says George, about his St. Catherine Greek Orthodox Church Wedding to Catherine. 

5 years ago, Catherine and George took a class together in Cambridge. The two of them are half Greek and very much connect with their culture. George saw Catherine walk by and transferred himself out of his original class into her class, even though it wasn’t the correct level! George speaks fluent Greek, however, he was taking a class to learn how to read and write. Catherine’s daughter, Mercedes, consistently called him, “the man with the black backpack”. 

George asked Mercedes’ permission to marry Catherine

The two have a have a wonderful relationship, and I loved watching the three as a family. George is a thoughtful man. Catherine told me a story of when George drove Mercedes to volleyball and while she was at practice, returned with sushi and Dove chocolates. He knew that she likes the ones with the messages in them. 

I need to brag on Mercedes for a bit. She’s mature, wise beyond her years, amazing at stress-management, and beautiful. Catherine, you’ve done an amazing job at raising a bright and strong young woman. I am inspired by you as a mother, and as a wonderful role model. 

Catherine makes Keftedes (Greek meatballs) for George, and he makes her vegetarian soup!

Catherine says, “But more seriously, we balance each other well”.

As the two planned their wedding, several things were important to them – family and getting married in a church. Neither one of them are big into being the center of attention, which is very common amongst most of my couples! It was lovely to see them navigate through all of the hugs during their wedding reception at Central Wharf Co. 

The two support each other in their hobbies, being silly with one another, and being amazingly thoughtful of the little things. Catherine tells me that George, even though he is 6’1, enjoys driving in a tiny Ford Fiesta and drinking out of tiny espresso cups. George says that Catherine is the blessing of his life. She was born an altruistic person and values things that most people take for granted. She’s the ideal human to be a nurse because all night long, she helps people. 

Catherine, George, and Mercedes, you three are already a family.

You have made a home for the three of you and have already showed commitment in more ways than I can count. I hope that sharing your vows at the church will be an emotional and special moment that you will never forget. Congratulations for formalizing it all! Much love to all three of you. <3

Photography: Nicole Chan Photography, Assisted by Karen 
Groom’s suit: Natale’s of Hanover
Florist: Jayne’s Flowers
Reception: Central Wharf Co
Makeup and Hair: Jenny Luu

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