Meg and Robert’s wedding in their home in Belmont, MA

Meg and Robert were married in their home in Belmont, MA.  Meg’s e-mail to me was the one of the sweetest that I’ve ever read, and I’d like  to share it with you:
Referred by: Web search and loved your pix (and the husky)
Message: Hi Nicole, We are an older couple – he’s 72 yrs old and im nearly 60. We knew each other 30 plus years ago. Had a great love, broke up, lost touch, married other people, had adventures, families, suffered losses and then – when we both were single again and had comfortably accepted that it was destiny to be alone – we found each other again.  We are getting married with a JP in our Belmont MA living room — w only 8 adults in attendance- (and yes one eight year old niece who insists on being a flower girl.) But no best man,  no maid of honor, no trumpets, no gowns.  We expect the ceremony will last  only 15 -20 min and we are looking for a friendly, skilled naturalistic  photog to take some  (mostly casual) pictures we can cherish. We are thrilled at long last to be getting married to each other.

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