Boston Four Seasons Hotel Wedding, Alyssa + Andrew

Alyssa and Andrew’s Boston Four Seasons Hotel wedding was filled with infectious energy, big laughter, and heart-warming sentimental touches. I’ve met Alyssa through our wedding run-ins at some of my favorite weddings. She is an extremely talented florist and over the past year, I feel very lucky that I’ve gotten to know her and Andrew on a more-than-vendor-friend level. I’m just going to brag on these two a little bit. This woman is strong, fierce, determined, and warm – all at the same time. She and Andrew make a fantastic pair because Andrew is equally sassy, kind-hearted, and is a perfect balance to her energy… but also providing lots of fun energy. 🙂

The day started off in a beautiful suite at the Boston Four Seasons Hotel, where I was excited to photograph Alyssa’s grandmother’s emerald ring, which has been with her in the most momentous occasions. Alyssa feels that Grandma rallied everyone up there to watch over her wedding day, both in weather, but also in spirit. Alyssa’s lace wedding gown had a blue fleece sweater that belonged to her dog, who she loved dearly. I love my dog to pieces, and really felt for Alyssa during the moments where she showed me the blue fleece piece that she had sewn on her dress. Dogs fill a big piece of my heart, and I love that Alyssa did this. Andrew was shining in his own way – a custom blue suit that fit him perfectly, with snazzy blue buttons and customized button holes. His tie clip and socks were decorated with… of course, pineapples. His pocket square was no normal pocket square, it was flower-based, and something I had never seen before. They’re trend-setters in many ways, and I hope they pave the path for this. It’s stunning. 

I love that we went to the Boston Public Gardens and photographed their first look and the majority of the family formals prior to their Ketubah signing and Ceremony at the Boston Four Seasons Hotel. We had perfect weather, and I’m in love with the vivid greens and blues that I was able to photograph. My favorite part was getting ice cream with the couple during their portrait session. After we photographed family formals, we took a quick stroll in the Boston Common. We chilled out, enjoyed the weather, and tried to slow down the day so that they could enjoy it as much as they could. 🙂

During the reception, Rachel, the maid of honor, started off her speech with saying that Alyssa had been previously married before… to her… on Facebook. The crowd erupted in laughter. Rachel and Alyssa “broke up” on facebook when Rachel got married. She gave a beautiful speech, saying that she was happy her best friend found someone so amazing. 

Alyssa and Andrew love food, and today was no exception. They had the largest cocktail shrimp, with one of the most outrageous ice sculptures that I’ve ever seen. The ice sculpture had frozen a fish, asparagus, espresso cup with floating coffee beans, strawberries, raspberries, and so much more. Words can’t describe it. It’s stunning. They also had a jaw-dropping dessert bar: Mud pies with a sour gummy worm, crème brĂ»lĂ©e, mini ice cream cookie sandwiches, dark chocolate and milk chocolate caramel turtles, lemon tarts, blueberry tarts, and mini whoopie pies!

Alyssa and Andrew, I love you both. Congratulations. 🙂 


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