The Barn at Gibbet Hill wedding photos – Brittany and Andrew

Brittany and Andrew had a lovely outdoor The Barn at Gibbet Hill wedding, officiated by their friend Jill. Jill set them up by leaving them standing in the Shake Shake Shack line back in 2008. Andrew says, “She introduced me to this woman in line and then left us in line together for like an hour and a half to stand there and just talk to each other. It’s actually, as it turns out, a really amazing way to be set up, because there’s a bunch of stuff to look at, so you don’t just have to talk about each other. You can comment on all the people around you. You both have a reason to not just stare at each other because you’re facing straight ahead. It’s a lot less awkward than any other kind of set up that I’ve ever had.” Here’s the story: ( Also, their wedding rehearsal dinner was catered by Shake Shack!

“We click because we’re complements. An INTJ and an ENFP; good at different tasks; amused by different things; different temperaments; different coasts. Andrew drinks five espressos a day and I am still working off a cup of coffee from two weeks ago. But we have similar values and similar aspirations.

Our favorite thing is our dog, Blinker. I had wanted a dog for 15 years and we moved to a dog friendly apartment a year ago to finally make that happen. Blink is quite shy but the most affectionate thing once she warms up! When we’re away from Blinker, we spend our time eating our way through tasting menus and making craft cocktails. To harken back to our first date at David Chang’s Momofuku Ssam Bar, we’re having Momofuku Milk Bar provide our wedding cake and will be handing out their compost cookies at the end of the night as well. “

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