Multicultural weddings

Ali and Adrian’s Boston State Room wedding was elegant, artistic, and full of life. Their wedding weekend kicked off with a traditional Chinese tea ceremony at the Langham Hotel, where Ali and Adrian offered cups of tea to their families to say thank you for their support and love. Ali donned a beautiful red Chinese gown for this beautiful traditional Chinese ceremony.

The next day, I was thrilled to see the unique decor of their Boston State Room wedding. Large navy blue flats surrounded the room, alongside beautiful statement pieces in front of them. Couches and chairs were abundant, which was perfect for their open-seating dinner. Their tables had beautiful decor in earthy tones and even featured red delicious apples! Their Boston State Room wedding ceremony was on the upper floor of the Great Room at 60 State Street and incorporated stores of the show Glee. I remember thinking that their ceremony was unique and emphasized commitment. There’s no doubt that Ali and Adrian are two incredibly focused people, and that their bond to each other is incredibly strong. I’m so thrilled for my two beautiful friends. Cheers to a long and joyous marriage. ?

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