Boston Persian Wedding at Topsfield The Commons 1854

The Commons 1854 is a beautiful place for a wedding.

Even more so when the couple getting married is as sweet as Marjan and Roy.  Ever since meeting in grad school at BU, these two have been attached at the hip.  They conquer every day as a team, united in their love for each other.  When asked why she loves Roy, Marjan says that he is everything that she never knew she wanted.  Sweet, supportive, and dedicated to their relationship.  These qualities all showed during their wedding day and it was a joy to watch them interact.

Like all relationships, Marjan and Roy have their tough days.

What sets them apart is how they handle those tough days.  They both are incredibly supportive and go out of their way to help each other every day.  Roy says that even when they are both rushing out the door, Marjan never fails to make sure he has everything he needs for the day.  “It’s wonderful knowing she is there to be my partner and go the extra mile for me.”  After five years together, they are still quick to laugh.  Taking themselves seriously has never been part of their personalities, so their days are filled with goofy jokes.  Whether they are shredding the slopes or enjoying breakfast in bed, these two are happiest when they are together.

Marjan and Roy’s wedding day ended with amazing dancing.

Their ceremony was so beautiful.  The table they sat at was ornately decorated with honey, spices, sweets, and many other traditional Persian wedding items.  The weather was perfect, the guests were gushing with joy, and Marjan and Roy were so adorably excited all day.  Being able to be a part of weddings like these is a special privilege.  Standing next to Marjan and Roy as they declared their love for each other was a beautiful moment and I am so happy to have been a part of this day.  I wish them all the best in their future adventures together!





Venue: The Commons 1854

Photography: Nicole Chan Photography

Videography: Chad Whelan

DJ: DJ Dariush

Florist: Flowers by Annette

Dress: Tulle Bridal

Shoes: Shoes to Dye For

Suit: Brooks Brothers

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