Outdoor Maine Wedding at Private Residence, Rachel + Eleas

After a first date that lasted nearly 10 hours, Eleas told his cousin, Danny, “I think I might have found her”.

608 days ago, Rachel and Eleas spent a Sunday together, that would forever be remember as their “day 1”. Today, Rachel and Eleas were married today in York, Maine in a beautiful home that they found on HomeAway.com. Their first date started at Sip Wine Bar in Boston’s theater district. They both remembered talking forever. They walked through the Boston Commons and the Boston Public Gardens. They remember taking a photo at the George Washington Statue. Their date included walking along the Charles River and sitting at the docks, with their feet hanging over the water. Of course, after all this walking, they needed refreshments. In comes ice cream in Beacon Hill, coffee at the Thinking Cup on Newbury Street, and iced tea at Cafeteria First. 

Their Maine wedding ceremony combined Greek and Jewish traditions.

It was important to Rachel and Eleas that they embraced the significance and symbolism of both cultures and traditions.  Their ceremony started with a Ketubah signing. The Ketubah is a traditional Jewish marriage contract (in their case, an interfaith marriage contract) that expresses the couple’s mutual affirmations and promises for the future.

To honor Jewish traditions, Prior to the ceremony, Rachel and Eleas signed their Ketubah with their witnesses, Danny and Ben. Their marriage ceremony took place underneath a beautiful Chappah which symbolizes the new home that they will create together. The Chuppah is open on all four sides, to symbolize that family and friends are always welcome. 

To honor Greek culture, Rachel and Eleas incorporated a crowning ceremony. Their crowns, first used in Aunt Georgia and Uncle Bruce’s wedding, signify God’s glory and honor. The two were crowned as the queen and king of their home. The crowns are joined together with a ribbon symbolizing that the two are now one. They stole a kiss during this ceremony, and it brought a big laugh throughout all of their guests. 

Rachel and Eleas amaze me

You two see the best in everyone. You are loving, silly, and honest with one another. I teared up a bit when you read your vows, both to each other and to your son. I equally loved his toast to the two of you during dinner. I loved that you made this entire celebration an entire weekend, starting with a clam bake the day before! Everywhere I looked, I saw people that were relaxed, having a great time, and excited to celebrate your love. Eleas, I’m glad that you allowed your friends to make an account for you. Rachel, I’m glad you swiped. You two were meant for one another, and I couldn’t be happier that I was able to be a part of it. Thank you for the honor. 

I LOVE how their album designs came out!

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