Best Custom Suits for Grooms in Boston, MA

As I connect with more and more of my vendor-friends, I realize how fortunate I am to have such incredible people in my circle. Samantha Shih is the owner and founder of this 9 Tailors and is truly spearing the fashion front for custom clothing that makes people look and feel good – for both life’s biggest celebrations (like custom suits for grooms), but for also day to day wear, too.

Custom suits for grooms

9Tailors is a renowned custom clothier that is changing the name of the custom-suiting game by modernizing an old-world tradition.

Custom suits for grooms

Sam and her team, who I had the lovely opportunity to photograph headshots for, are experts in what they do. They are friendly, approachable, and truly have a passion in creating all types of clothing, but for this conversation – specifically custom suits for grooms!

9 Tailors Boston custom clothing

9 Tailors makes custom clothing for my grooms, brides, couples’ fathers, and even my own groom, Jason. I’ve had many blazers that Sam has made for me, and I tell you… once you go custom, it’s hard to go back to off-the-rack!

Custom suits for grooms

Sam, what do you wish that more couples knew about groom’s outfits? 

The groom’s outfit is usually the last major decision that couples make on their wedding planning process. – Samantha Shih, 9 Tailors

There are many reasons for this, but one of the main ones is that historically there weren’t that many options for men. In the last 10 years, there has been a renaissance and renewed interest in menswear. It’s not just your ill-fitting rental suit now. Menโ€™s suiting is more playful than ever, with bold color choices from gold to green.

Custom suits for grooms

When the groom decides to go custom, it not only fits perfectly but also, he can choose a hue that complements the style of your wedding. – Samantha Shih, 9 Tailors

Custom suits for grooms

For a vineyard wedding, pick a suit in a deep wine or a burgundy. For a rustic wedding an emerald-colored suit for a rustic wedding.

Custom suits for grooms

Our job as style advisors is to help bring the couple’s vision to life. – Samantha Shih, 9 Tailors

Custom suits for grooms

Nicole’s Pro Photography Tips about custom suits for grooms

1. Consider the risks – missing button, uncomfortable shoes, shirt size is wrong!

Here’s what sometimes happens at the weddings that I photograph. Men (and sometimes women) will rent their tuxes or suits from a big box chain and the day before the wedding, they’ll pick up their package of half a dozen suits that they’ve rented for the family and the groomsmen.

Sure, they all match.

But wait… how come this shirt is the wrong size?

Uh oh… he’s only been wearing the shiny shoes for 30 minutes, and already has three blisters that are about to puss and burst open like an overly ripe juicy tomato.

People get cranky when they don’t feel like they look their best. Sure, groomsmen are usually good sports and suck it up. However, is that how you want your groom to feel on HIS big day, too? Is this how you want your father to feel?

My couples tend to not be divas. They’re considerate, compassionate, and kind souls. I know I don’t have to dig too far into this one.

2. Custom suiting is not just for grooms. Think about your dads, uncles, godfathers, and groomsmen

It’s a big day for everyone. Most of my couples hire me because they know how much family means to me, and how much I emphasize capturing moments between people that you love. Sure, you’re going to look beautiful in your tailored wedding dress and hair and makeup that you’ve hopefully had a trial for.

This might be the day that your dad has been dreaming about. When you look back on your wedding video in 50 years, don’t you want to say, “Dang. My dad looked sharp!”

3. Make custom suiting a gift

I think that a wonderful gift for your parents to say “thank you” is a custom album with their favorite wedding photographs. Our in-house designer, Karen, will happily work with your parents to custom design their album.

However, custom suiting is a very close second! Rather than gift the groomsmen (or grooms women another engraved flask or another pair of socks that they don’t need, consider a gift that makes them look AND feel good.

Their significant others will probably thank you, as well. I love a man in a good suit. ๐Ÿ™‚

Custom suits for grooms

Special thanks to International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers for awarding my photographs. I work hard to create amazing photographs for my couples, but being recognized on an international scale truly humbles me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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