10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Wedding Drone Photographer

Drones provide a perspective that pretty much no one else gets to see! Drone wedding photography has become increasingly popular. It is a great idea to get a fun aerial shot on their special day. 

When hiring a drone photographer (or videographer), how do you know if they’re the right choice for your big day? To help answer this question, we’ve outlined 10 questions to ask before hiring a drone photographer. You can find these questions below! 

1. Is your wedding drone pilot licensed?

Safety should always be a priority. You should always consider the risks involved, especially if an accident were to occur in the presence of so many guests. Ask the drone pilot if they have an established safety plan, insurance, and proper knowledge of how to operate drones. 

They should also be able to coordinate with the venue managers, the wedding photographer, and the couple in order to get the ideal aerial wedding photos and videos.

Ask if they have a professional license. In the United States, commercial drone pilots are required to have an FAA 107 certification in order to fly a drone. Never consider hiring anyone who believes professional licenses are not necessary to shoot quality footage of your wedding day.

2. Do you have the proper insurance for your wedding drone services?

Personal property and liability insurance is a must for the drone operator, like any other vendor. This insurance should be specific for a commercial unmanned aerial vehicle, which is the drone. 

Insurance is important in case accidents happen.

3. What kind of experience do you have in flying a drone for weddings?

The FAA 107 exam is all about safety, but there’s no “practical” portion of the exam.

After I got licensed, it took me many flights to get extremely comfortable with flying a drone. 

Learn if they have experienced flying a drone for wedding photography before. Ask how long they have been operating a drone. 

4. Can you share your backup strategy for your wedding drone services?

Most people use a version of DJI drones, of which the Phantom 3 or the Inspire 1 are great models. They have amazing 4K cameras and image processing software, giving you the best bang for your buck. 

You also have to ask if they have the necessary back-up equipment. A lot of unexpected things can happen like batteries dying, breakage, etc. IT’s always nice to know that the vendors you’re hiring are prepared! 

Oneloa Beach IRONWOOD Engagement session photos on Maui, Hawaii Wedding Photographer Nicole Chan

5. Can I see some examples of your previous work?

Seeing a portfolio of previous work can give you a good idea of their style of photography. See if it matches your own vision for your special day.  

Ask also if they provide interior work. There are some equipment that can shoot indoors, if ever you plan to have some moments under a roof.

6. Have you worked at my venue (or similar one) before?

This is a great question to see if the photography is familiar with the venue.

If they have experience shooting in the area, they know the ideal shots and the ins and outs and you can be sure the aerial photos of your wedding will be memorable. 

Doors off helicopter tour of Na Pali in Kauai, Maui by Travel Photographer Nicole Chan

7. What if it rains or is too windy? 

If there’s inclement weather, your drone photographer / videographer won’t be able to fly. What happens then? 

8. Do you charge by the hour or by the day?

Some drone pilots stay for a few hours, and some just hang around for the portrait session

9. What is your rate for aerial wedding photography?

The price of drone wedding photography varies with location, contractor, and type of work.

10. Are you available for my date? 

If you are already thinking of hiring a particular wedding drone photographer, you need to ask if they are available on your wedding day, for obvious reasons. Ask about the specific time they are available! 

The wedding day is a once in a lifetime event, full of firsts and unique moments. You want to capture these memories for the couple so they can relive them forever. One way you could do this is by hiring a drone photographer who will fly their camera around your venue capturing stunning shots from above that are difficult to get any other way. 

It can capture precious moments like the couple walking down the aisle, the guests posing for wedding shots or the life of the party during the reception! 

With all of the new innovations available today it’s never been easier or safer to hire someone like this-but with so many wedding photographers to choose from, it can be difficult selecting the perfect one. 

Hopefully these 10 questions have given you a better idea of what they can offer and if they would suit your needs to find the right wedding drone.  By taking the extra precautions of knowing this information, you can capture unique photos and videos from your big day!

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