Charles River wedding

The Charles is a 80 mile long river that starts in Hopkington and ends in the Atlantic Ocean. My favorite space to photograph the Charles is near the DCR Hatch Shell, on the Charles River Esplanade. Mass Ave Bridge is another awesome spot to photograph the beautiful scene. Many of my friends and I engaged in a whole slew of fun activities on this river – rowing, sculling, dragon boating, sailing, kayaking and canoeing! I’ve been lucky to have been able to photograph some of my couples engaging in the above activities for their engagement sessions. I’m all for incorporating activities into engagement sessions. It makes it more fun. 🙂

Note: I personally don’t swim in the Charles (unless someone ridiculously pushes me in while we’re kayaking… which unfortunately happens). I read that as of July 13, 2013, swimming for the general public is allowed. It was NOT allowed for 50 years prior to ’13. I’m sure I wouldn’t grow a third arm if I went swimming today, but I’m not sure if I would recommend it. 🙂

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