Beacon Hill and Charles River engagement photos – Libbey + Nathan

For Libby and Nathan’s engagement session, we traveled back to Libbey’s old stomping grounds – Beacon Hill. Libbey is the only person who I know that truly can call Beacon Hill, “home”. I visit this area multiple times during the year because of its picturesque and charming streets and buildings. Funny enough, Libby calls the Boston Commons and the lawn in front of the DCR Hatch shell her “yard”, because city life doesn’t exactly allow for outdoor playing in the narrow streets. I chatted with Nathan about the neighborhood, and as a Texan native, he agrees. The area is like a storybook.

I had a wonderful time photographing Libbey and Nathan’s Beacon Hill and Charles River engagement session. We started in a more formal outfit, and then charged into a more casual dress and wedges that Libby said she could walk miles in. I’m very happy with the mood and feel of their images. It’s a wonderful set of warmth with a side of whimsical and goofiness. 🙂

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