Siros Restaurant Wedding Photos – Emily & Al

Emily and Al’s Siros Restaurant wedding photos show the Joy they experienced on their wedding day!

Their officiant, Jason, said, “In talking to Emily and Al, it was clear that their shared values and complementing strengths have crafted a strong foundation. I’ve learned about Al’s cooking, in particular, his famous breakfasts and butter pasta. I’ve learned about the joy that he brings to Sydney and Marcus (Emily’s 2 kids), as well as his sense of humor and ability to lift everyone up when they’re down. I’ve learned about how Emily works selflessly to take care of everyone she can, and the strength within her.”

When asked about her mom, Sydney made it clear that she’s thrilled for her! “Al’s a really nice guy. I’m happy because he makes my mom so happy.”

Jason concluded the brief, intimate ceremony by saying that their wedding was a celebration for everyone, “for it has been wonderful to see love bloom, and to be a part of a union between two people so wonderfully suited to one another.”

Congratulations to Emily and Al! We hope you enjoy your Siros Restaurant wedding photos as much as we do. 🙂

Special thanks to the wonderful team that we had the pleasure of working with for Emily and Al’s Siros Restaurant wedding photos!
Venue: Siros Restaurant
Makeup and hair: Tiffany Cantin

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