Sangeet Indian wedding celebration at The Casino at Roger Williams Park in Providence, Rhode Island

Sri and Sushant’s multi-day Providence, Rhode Island wedding celebrations kicked off with a colorful and energy-filled Sangeet at The Casino at Roger Williams Park. When we first spoke to Sri and Sushant, having a beautiful locale for a wedding was important to them. They love nature, and it was so special for their Sangeet to be outdoors, with stunning architecture around them as a backdrop for their numerous performances. Friends and family rehearsed for hours to perform for Sri and Sushant. Everyone laughed, danced, and cheered! Their evening ended with their guests on either side of the outdoor staircase with long sparklers. It was such a romantic way to end the evening. I can’t wait to share their main Providence, Rhode Island Indian wedding day photographs soon! 

Photographed by: NCP Associate photographer, Karen

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