9 Reasons to book the same wedding photo and video team

Most couples book their wedding photo and video packages together. It’s extremely fun for us. Our entire team has been friends for many years. Here are 8 reasons why booking the same company for wedding photo and video packages may be a good idea. 

Wedding Photo and Video Packages for Boston weddings

1. We collaborate effectively

(because we spend way too much time with each other)

Like the Red Sox vs. Yankees, Alexander Hamilton vs. Aaron Burr, Montague vs. Capulets, there has been a delicate relationship between wedding photographers and videographers. 

We believe that considerate people make considerate wedding vendors. Sometimes, unintentional things happen. Miscommunication occurs. Egos are hurt. 

The best of teams practice together. That’s exactly what we do. We work together, all the time. Some of us paddle on a Boston Dragonboat Festival team together. We critique each other’s work and we work together to strengthen our team. We collaborate – and we do it well.

2. We will not bring any drama to your wedding

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3. You will only have to communicate with one team 

Changes on a wedding day? We got you. We’re armed with apple watches, an ongoing group text, and our secret sign language.

4. We will pass along the messages

If your DJ tells one member of our team that parent dances are about to start, the rest of the team will know instantly. 

Wedding Photo and Video Packages for Boston weddings

5. There will be less administrative work for you!

One contract for wedding photo and video packages. One invoice. One team to coordinate one timeline with. 

6. We practice together often and refine our systems

We do this together every weekend. Think of your favorite teammates or co-workers. You know them well because you understand how they think, what they prefer, and what their pet peeves are!

Wedding Photo and Video Packages for Boston weddings

7. We will not block each other’s angles

We are comfortable in each other’s personal bubble.

We communicate with fewer words because we do this together – ALL THE TIME. 

8. We use the same camera system

Our entire team uses mirrorless Sony cameras and lenses. We use the same equipment, backups, batteries, lenses, etc. 

9. We share well

  • Carpool – We try to be eco-friendly!
  • Snacks – Can never have enough 
  • Lenses – “Hey can I swap lenses with you real quick?”

Our photographers know what kills a video and our videographers
know what will ruin a photograph. 

Here are some of the scenarios that we train our team on:

  • Photographers know that sometimes they have a tendency to hog up all of the portrait time. Our photographers make sure to give videographers their fair share of time. 
  • Videographers know that photographers will take a wide photo of the ceremony at the beginning, and then they can move their stable cameras closer to the front of aisle after they’ve gotten their photos. 
  • Photographers know that videographers prefer minimal (or silent) shutter noises and flashes during vows and speeches, so that their final edit can have high quality audio. 
  • Videographers know that their video lights are extremely useful during night portraits, so that the entire team can piggyback off of one common light source! 
  • Photographers know that static poses are useless to videos. For video, the more natural motion, the better! 

What have previous couples said about their wedding photo and video packages?

Check out our reviews! Promessa Studios used to be our sister company. We’ve now brought everything under the Nicole Chan Photo & Video brand!

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