7 Reasons You Must Have Boston Drone Photography and Videography for your wedding

Wedding Drone Photography and Videography is an amazing way to add a handful of epic photographs to your gallery. Our photo and video team are FAA Part 107 certified, Also, one of our filmmakers is a commercially rated pilot.

The wow-factor of a birds’ eye perspective

With Boston drone photography, you can get aerial footage of your entire venue. This allows you to see pictures from near and far. Videos can showcase what the weather was like while zooming in and out on all the guests. You’ll be able to look back at the sprawling landscapes, whether they were beaches, mountains, fields, or urban atmospheres. This makes drones an excellent option for truly capturing the feeling of your wedding. 

See your wedding venue from an aerial view

You’ve scoured the internet for countless hours to find the perfect place to get married. I’m sure you’ve researched photographs, been on many venue tours, and sent out dozens of emails to coordinators. You’ve chosen this venue for a reason, and Boston wedding drone photography and videography will help you remember it!

Drone Perspectives Can Help Your Photographer

Even if you have the most highly rated photographer in your area, they are bound by their physical limitations. They simply can’t climb tall trees or circle your wedding in a matter of minutes. You’re sure to get gorgeous land-level photos from your photographer, but drones can help add another aspect that they can’t. Drones can take candid photos that show the entire wedding, and make stunning videos from every angle. Let your photographer focus on the personal aspects of the wedding. This way, the drone assists him or her with pictures from a more grandiose perspective. 

Boston Drones at Weddings Provide Entertainment

If you have a drone at your wedding, your guests will be clamoring to see how it works. Although we’re sure you already have plenty of fun planned for your wedding guests, it’s always fun to add more! Kids and adults alike will be mesmerized by the flying items. They may even want to try to fly it themselves (but we probably won’t let them). They can however, watch! You’re sure to see plenty of guests making poses towards the sky, in hopes of getting a great drone shot.

Boston Drone Photography Make Group Photos Easy

Getting groups of people together to take a photo can be quite a difficult task. Wedding photographers have a particular knack for doing so. However, sometimes doesn’t always work out because sometimes someone is blocking another person. With a drone, you can easily get the attention of the group. Multiple shots can be photographed from a variety of angles and distances in a matter of minutes. For the times when you can’t get everyone together, the drone can still get a picture of the entire wedding. This is awesome, even if some people don’t even realize it! 

Drones are not always noisy and intrusive

Our drones aren’t mini coopers with wings. They’re small, powerful, and not nearly as loud as everyone mentions them to be. There have been many ceremonies where we’ve flown. No one heard our Boston drone take off, fly for half of the ceremony, or land.

*Flying a drone over people is illegal, and we are sticklers for safety. It is possible to fly at an angle so that we can capture people and events in motion. We can achieve this all without compromising safety.

Drones Make Your Wedding Portarits Unique

Anything you can do to personalize your wedding is always a plus. You may not be the only couple to have ever used a drone, but you’ll still be in the minority. They are still considered a novelty, and they’ll add an extra layer of fun and quirkiness to your wedding. People will be talking about the entertainment that the drone provided. They’ll also be amazed by the larger-than-life photos that it was able to capture. 

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