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When it comes to planning a wedding, one of the most important pieces is finding the perfect venue. You may have an idea in mind or you may not, but if you’re considering getting married at St. Cecilia Church and want to know the ins and outs of what you might expect when it comes to your wedding day.


Address: 18 Belvidere St, Boston, MA 02115 (Church and Parish Office)

Phone: (617) 536-4548


This Catholic church is designated under the umbrella of The Roman Catholic Diocese of New York, and is considered as a historic landmark.

This magnificent church was borne out of meager earnings of maids and coachmen who wanted a church of their own. It was Archbishop Williams who granted their request and carved the parish from the territory of the Cathedral.

It was designed by Napolean LeBrun in 1881, and was dedicated on April 22, 1984, and up to this day, still remains as one of the most magnificent churches that can be found in Boston. The building has a 12th Century Norman Romanesque architecture.

They have been on the same building on Belvidere Street for over 125 years!


Many couples are choosing to have their wedding here for its beautiful Gothic architecture and accommodating staff.

The venue makes for a classy wedding with unique red-brick and terracotta outer walls which give the church a majestic look among the urban environment of Boston city.

Inside, there is a long hardwood aisle that can be decorated with your choice of carpet, which leads to the massive white Carra marble altar where you can exchange vows with a romantic backdrop. The dome-shaped ceiling of the cathedral has a variety of 24 gold rosette which add the the grandeur of the place.

The 7 stained glass stained windows also allow for a romantic aura indoors when it allows in the rainbow ambient light further adding a special something on your wedding day and will blend with any theme for your wedding.

Inside the building is spacious with pews that can accommodate up to 1400 guests, making it a great option for smaller weddings or those who want more space to dance and socialize without feeling overcrowded.

They also offer wedding planning services to schedule your arrangements and plan your wedding date. They will also assign you a day of coordinator to aid your preparation for whatever events you have planned on specific dates.


For your wedding reception, you no longer need to look further, since they also have a comfortable wedding room which is air-conditioned, fully furnished, and has access to a kitchen area.

The fully equipped kitchen includes refrigerators, microwave, and tabletop gas burners which can be used to prepare and serve your guests.

This Boston church provides venue set up and clean up services, but they do no offer catering services. Just a heads up that you will need to hire outside catering professionals for your event.


The venue offers dressing room areas where the bride and groom can prepare before the wedding ceremony begins.

It has appliances such as air conditioners for warmer months, and a heater and radiator for events during colder months to keep everyone comfortable indoors.

Music can be provided by the grand organ piano in front of the church.

Guests will have enough parking space as there is a designated area for parking.

The church has a wide front porch that extends to the sidewalks supported by columns. This area can be where the procession may be arranges with ample space.

The entryway has a non-slip staircase to ensure that all visitors would not accidentally slip on the floor during rainy seasons.


Rental fees for events 3 hours long are at $1000, but excludes set up and clean up time. Beyond that, additional hours are charged with a fee. This rental fee goes up for evening ceremonies on Saturdays. The ceremonies must be Catholic denomination only.


As it is a Catholic church, some restrictions are in place. Alcohol is strictly prohibited since it is a sacred place. Amplified music can only be played indoors and music must also end at 7pm, so if you are looking to have a big party, it is preferred to have a different reception venue. Smoking can only be done outside.


St. Cecilia Church is a historic landmark in the heart of Boston that offers an indoor venue with picturesque architecture and large seat capacity perfect for your event needs. With its central location, ease of accessibility, ample parking options and impeccable reputation as one of the leading venues in town we know you’ll be pleased to choose it as your next venue!

If you’re looking for more information or have any questions about this beautiful space please don’t hesitate to contact them.

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