LaBelle Winery wedding in Amherst, MA | Alison + John


Ever since our first conversation when Alison and John told me they would have a LaBelle Winery wedding, I could sense that the two put a lot of effort into being thoughtful. On the day of their wedding, here are a few things I noticed that really reflected their thoughtfulness!

Alison gifted John a globe mini bar with a personalized box of cigars, each labeled with a life milestone. John gifted Alison purchased a stunning diamond necklace from their jeweler. During the ceremony, the two continuously smiled and laughter towards each other during their ceremony. The cake that they chose was very much business in the front, and party in the back – spectacularly decorated with their favorite (and sometimes opposing) sport teams.

Alison and John, you two were a joy to photograph. I had so much fun at your wedding and can’t wait to hear more about your marriage journey, especially the Greek island that you decide to retire on! 🙂

Far From Traditional

“It all started with one simple question…..or so I thought it was a simple question. Alison asked me who was my college football team and then she proceeded to inform me that there were three wrong answers. I thought, this is going to be easy. I responded, Norte Dame, Rutgers, and for good measure, Army. All your typical east coast college football teams. Alison’s response………. pure laughter. She said that those were powderpuff teams. I blew it, I was clearly out of my element, and she knew it. Thankfully, we agreed that it might be a good idea if I went to see what she called a “legitimate college football team”. Now if you really know Alison (Ali) you know she is a die hard Gamecocks fan. I agreed only if she agreed to see a New York Rangers game at MSG.

Fast forward to the first date. Again, keep in mind, far from traditional. We decided to meet at Boston Beer Works right outside TD Garden. I show up a little early……… I like to be punctual. While I’m waiting, the one thing running through my mind is “I hope she isn’t taller than me” not, how am I going to start the conversation, or any typical thought you might have on a first date. Alison shows up, I greet her at the door and I am about to ask the hostess for a booth. Thinking it will be quiet, private and set the tone for the date. Before I could get the word booth out, Alison decides we should sit at the bar. I don’t know what to think, did I just get really lucky and find someone amazing? Or, did I somehow fumble, mess up, in the first minute of meeting her that she decided this isn’t really going to work out. I was a nervous wreck! The conversation never skipped a beat and it felt like we had known each other forever. I couldn’t have asked for a better moment, time, or place.

So….. thank you Norte Dame….. Rutgers….. Army. The best answers I could have ever given. And the rest…………well…….. hasn’t been written yet, but by the way things have turned out since that first date, it’s going to be one very amazing adventure. One that I look forward to. Spurs Up! GAME!!!!!!……….. I love you Ali!

(For those wondering, the three wrong answers were Clemson, BC and Norte Dame)”

Special thanks to an amazing team of vendors

Ceremony Venue: Assumption of the Virgin Mary
Reception Venue: LaBelle Winery wedding
Bride’s Dress: Vows in Watertown. Brand- Blue by Enzoani
Alterations – Bridal Alterations by Anahit
Groom’s tux: Blank Label
Florist: SBE Designs
DJ: Pete Chambers DJ Entertainment
Limo: Grace Limousine –
Cake: Jacques Fine European Pastries
Makeup and hair: Jenny Luu
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