Providence Public Library wedding

I heard a lot of the same thing on Justin and Chris’ Providence Public Library wedding day. At first, I thought it was deja vu. Then, I realized, “Nope. It’s just that everyone knows this as a fact”. This is what I kept hearing, “Justin and Chris make each other better people”, and “He makes him a better person”, and “They just fit well together”.

On the surface, they have a lot of common loves – family, food, travel, dogs. I’d say that’s pretty common amongst most of the couples that I photograph. Those are the top three for me, too. On some days, the order changes. 😉

Those four interests are what originally pulled the two together five and a half years ago. Chris barged in on a business meeting between Justin and Justin’s director. Their friendship formed over wonderful meals and discovering what they had in common.

I think love goes deeper than sharing a banh mi and engaging in cool local experiences while galavanting the world. I think it’s about being a personal chauffeur when one is running late for work, bringing home a coffee, or making the bed every morning without fail. It’s about having secret code words and sharing special names that no one else knows.

Justin and Chris, I’m moved by your story, your non-public displays of affection, and how you two have overcome struggles together. I hope that your future is filled with bubble tea, board games, snapchat selfies, and cooking adventures in the kitchen.

Thank you for choosing me to be your Providence Public Library wedding photographer.
Videography: Path Weddings 
Ceremony and Reception Venue: Providence Public Library, Coordinator Paige McKinney of RUSSELL MORIN CATERING & EVENTS
Florals: Haus of Bloom
Donuts: PV Donut
*** Special mention to Mixology Entertainment for making the BEST throwback mix I’ve ever heard. I’d like him to DJ my life. Seriously.

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