Best Wedding Confetti Poppers

The Best Addition to Your Wedding!

Celebrating a wedding? Here are our favorite confetti poppers! There are plenty of options out there for all budgets, but these are some of the best. 

There’s something about popping confetti that is just so satisfying. It feels like the perfect way to celebrate your new marriage and release any pent-up energy from nervous anticipation before you said: “I do.” Plus, it seems like every time we watch a wedding on TV or in person, they always have this amazing cloud of colorful paper bits floating through the air at some point during the ceremony. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had access to cheap yet effective confetti poppers that could produce those same magical effects for their celebration? 

Well, now you can! Read on for some of our favorite confetti brands!

Battife Wands

Product Details

  • White Confetti Wands 
  • 7 Pack Tissue Paper Confetti Flick Flutter Sticks 
  • 14 Inches long

If you’re in search for a way to make your special day even more romantic, Battife has exactly what it takes. Simply swing and flick their white paper wands in any direction with one motion – then watch as they create an elaborate display of confetti at events just like weddings!

 It’s the perfect party accessory for any occasion! You’ll never have to worry about running out of confetti again with these eco-friendlybie tissue paper sticks. Just open up your cap, swing it around and flick away – no need to break a sweat because that would just be a crazy talk (but I’m sure you can handle it)! The lightweight nature means they’re easy storage too so you don’t have to let your guests or wedding assistants be bothered in carrying this additional life of the party.

Wanna make a photo or selfie moment? Then this is perfect for you and your guests. When you shop these easy wands, you can immerse yourself in white confetti while everyone else gets colorful! Wedding send-offs aren’t always anything serious – why not have some fun at the end of any event?!

WERISE Confetti  Popper

Product Details

  • 12 inches confetti popper
  • Air compressed cannons
  • Gold Metallic Confetti 
  • 4 Packs

You’re going to need a ton of confetti for your next party, and this set has got you covered. The cannons are made out of mylar material which is perfect because it’s a stunning gold in color! It also says “CONFETTI CANNON” on top so that’s how we know what these babies shoot – tons o’ fluffy paper goodness guaranteed at any celebration or event!

Confetti is a great way to add color and give your event some personality. These poppers are filled with biodegradable confetti that will make it so easy for you, all while giving an amazing moment on film.

Why bother with those old-school fireworks when you can have a blast in the sky using these popper balls? Simply twist and aim, each one shoots up confetti 15-20 feet into the air. The inside is only compressed air driven so there’s nothing to worry about – so it’s guaranteed safe, easy to use, and most of all fun!


When you shop for Werise confetti cannons, you can check your package whenever it arrives and just tells them if anything is missing so they can replace it fast before your special day. Add to cart now while supplies last!

TUR Confetti Wedding Poppers in Decorated Gift Box

Product Details

  • 6 Piece Confetti Wedding Popper (12 in) in Decorated Gift Box


TUR is passionate about helping our customers celebrate their special moments. Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events and they want to make sure it’s amazing! Your day deserves the very best so TUR provides you with 6 confetti cannons that will burst into stunning gold, silver, or white pieces of excitement for all those attending your wedding reception!

These premium confetti poppers pack a punch. They’re the perfect way to create amazing memories and tons of fun at your wedding! Make one thing in life memorable and exciting. Take it up a notch with these eye-catching toys that will have everyone joining in on all the action from start to finish

The best part? You can share them too so friends get an extra laugh out of this momentous occasion!

Professional confetti poppers can take any celebration from bad to outrageously fabulous in seconds. These powerful machines use compressed air, which is released through a simple twist of the wrist and launches particles 15-25 feet away!

So what are you waiting for? Add these fun poppers to your wedding now! For a price that’s just a few pennies from your entire wedding cost, TUR confetti cannons are the best for your wedding. They have a team that is dedicated to making sure you get what you paid for and if not, they’ll give it back! These products on amazon receive five stars from every customer who buys them so buy with confidence knowing this amazing company backs their guarantee too!

Battife White Heart Shaped Confetti

Product Details

  • White Heart Shaped Confetti 10000 Pieces 
  • Tissue Paper Table Confetti for Wedding Celebrations Party
  •  200 Grams

Yes we know, this is not a confetti popper and should not be on the list, but these heart-shaped wonders are just too cute to be left out!

White wedding confetti is a beautiful way to spice up any event! These paper-made pieces of decorated tissue can be impressive and very romantic on your special day. Made from recycled products, these eco-friendly decorations are one for the books – literally!

Throwing this heart-shaped confetti in the air will make a magical display on your special day. These are lightweight and thin, so they’ll fall slowly onto you or anyone else celebrating with joy!


To help with shipping, the hearts are shipped slightly vacuum packed. Once you’re ready to use them just pour out of their package into a basket or large bowel and fluff up!

Legend & Co. Confetti Cannon

Product Details:

  • 12 inches Confetti poppers packed with multicolor confetti
  • 5 Confetti Poppers 

Their confetti poppers will blast multi-color confetti up to 25 ft in the air (as seen on customer videos when you buy from amazon)! These party machines are a great way to impress your guests outside in an eco-friendly manner. Legend & Co.’s popper stay away from shiny MYLAR which many venues don’t allow because it’s bad for the environment and they do not want what lies below gettingtin’ all over them, ya know?

How to use: To use this confetti popper, hold it from bottom to ground or as far from your body as possible and avoid items that are less than 3 feet below. Recommended for adults only!

JZY White Confetti Popper

Product Details

  • White Confetti Popper 
  • Spring Loaded Party Poppers Shooters 
  • 4 inches
  • 4pcs

You’re in luck! You can count on JZYshop to provide you with all the confetti gadgets for your wedding. These safe poppers push out little pieces of paper, which will be perfect because they’re significantly safer than compressed air. These poppers are also easier to carry around— they’re small enough that even seniors could use it without trouble now (and watch their faces light up)!

With the power of spring, your guests will be blown away by how high these get! They’ll fly 6 to 10 feet in the air and are made from environmentally friendly material so you can use them at weddings without worry.

Peach Party Rose Gold Confetti Poppers

Product Details

  • Biodegradable Confetti Poppers
  • Pack of 24 
  • Wedding Send Off Confetti Poppers. 
  • Rose Gold Confetti

Celebrate with style and class! This confetti poppers wedding pack of 24 is perfect for any occasion, from the big day to your send-off party. Each handheld confetti shooter fits in perfectly with your stash of bridal shower decorations and can be used as Wedding Send-off Confetti Poppers as well! Use these for an unforgettable experience during the celebrations.

Toniful Confetti Poppers

Product Details

  • 4 Pack Push Pop Confetti Poppers Cannon

After months of planning, there are still a few things left to do. Don’t forget about your wedding confetti poppers! These nifty little gadgets come in handy and will add that final touch to your special day. 

Wedding confetti poppers are a blast to use while celebrating your wedding day. They come in all different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they provide an exhilarating experience that is sure to bring joy every time you pull the trigger. Whether it’s at the end of a ceremony or during a reception, these little guys can light up any celebration with their colorful explosions. 

Best tips for a wedding confetti exit:

Buy the large cannons: the 12″ to 18″ ones

So you’re planning your wedding and you’re getting all the details together. Don’t forget to buy confetti poppers for the ceremony! You know- those large ones that are guaranteed to get everyone’s attention when they explode with colored confetti in a shower of sparkles? Yeah, those. 

And don’t worry about picking out colors either- these come in an assortment of colors so you can coordinate them with your theme.

Buy cannons with biodegradable materials

Confetti poppers are a must-have for any wedding, but there’s usually a lot of waste. If you’re also environmentally conscious and want to avoid contributing to the landfill with your celebration, we recommend biodegradable confetti poppers! Save the Earth and stand out from all of those wasteful guests at your wedding by using eco-friendly decorations. 

Check with your venues to make sure it’s okay

Confetti is symbolic of celebrating a happy event- an exciting addition to any celebration.

But it might not always be so easy to do this at venues where you have not been permitted to use them. It is important for any couple with this in mind to ask if their venue allows confetti poppers before booking them and making a plan for how they want this moment to unfold on their big day!

Educate the people who are holding the cannons on safety

Confetti poppers are a favorite of many wedding guests. They’re easy to use, and they just seem fun! But for those who don’t know how to use them correctly, there can be some serious consequences.  

When confetti popper instructions aren’t followed properly, the guest can end up with an eye injury or startle others near them by creating a loud popping sound and releasing pieces of sharp confetti all around. So make sure you take time before your big day to teach your guests what not to do with their confetti poppers so they’ll have a blast at your celebration without any accidents!

Wedding confetti popper safety tips:

  1. Poppers are not toys and should be handled with care
  2. Avoid using poppers at indoor events where there is a risk of injury or fire
  3. Use caution when handling the popper to avoid contact with your eyes, nose, mouth, etc
  4. Do not use near open flames or heat sources 
  5. Keep away from children who might put it in their mouths 
  6. Get your confetti poppers from a reputable brand that can provide you with the best quality product
  7. Follow instructions on how to use the popper safely before you do anything else

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