Wedding Photographer Outfits for Female Photographers

Finding the right outfit to photograph weddings in is essential. It is important to have the perfect outfit when photographing weddings because it will make your life so much easier. You want to be able to move around quickly and easily without worrying about your outfit getting dirty or torn up. You also need to consider the event you are going to if you are within the dress code or not. As someone who has been photographing full time weddings for the last 12 years, choosing the best wedding photographer outfit can be nearly impossible!

When choosing wedding photographer wear, you want to look professional and polished, but you also want to be comfortable so that you can walk those 20,000+ steps and be ready to capture the moment. It’s hard finding an outfit that will work with all of these needs!

Stick around in this article, since we’ve created some outfits for different climates and budgets so you can find something perfect. There’s a lot of outfits to choose from if you just know the tips and tricks on what to wear to a wedding

Female Wedding Photographer Wear: What we Recommend

Female-identifying wedding photographers can show their style while still making sure they’re covered enough to move freely.

Dark colors are a good idea, as light ones might make the photographer stand out too much and take away from the subjects!

If you do decide to wear a skirt, be careful it won’t restrict any of your movements in any way so you’re able to get those perfect shots throughout the whole day.

With that said, here are some outfit ideas to get you started to create your perfect wedding photographer outfit!

Summer Outfits for wedding photographers

The wedding is a time to celebrate and be in the spotlight. Wedding photographers need to dress appropriately for this event. How you dress should also keep you from getting too hot or cold depending on where the ceremony will take place. Summer weddings are especially tricky. There can be times when photos might happen outdoors near water sources like lakes which can result in exposure to sunlight without proper protection!

What you wear in the heat depends on what materials your clothes are made from. If they’re not natural and breathable, then it’s best to dress them up with light colors that reflect sunlight instead of absorbing its rays as the black fabric does. 

Check out these clothing that we recommend to beat the summer heat: 

Calvin Klein Pleat Neck Sleeveless Cami

Grace Karin Cropped Paper Bag Waist Pants with Pockets

Sheln Women’s Self Tie Waist Double Pocket Short Skirt

Casual Outfits

A casual wedding photographer outfit is perfect when capturing candid moments with friends or snapping good shots of your soon-to-be husband and wife as they say their vows on the altar. With these outfits, not only will you be able to do so comfortably but there are ways that one could spice them up by adding stylish cardigans or jackets during colder months. 

Casual clothing can range from cute party dresses, fab jumpsuits, or even your simple black skater skirt paired with any blacktop. Scroll down for some examples of how to dress casually!

Happy Sailed Casual Romper Jumpsuits

DJT Fashion Mini Flared Plain Pleated Skater Skirt with Short

LILBETTER Short Sleeve V-neck Party Dress with Pockets

WNEEDU Short Sleeve Swing Dress with Pockets

What to Wear Under Your Casual Dress

Worried about the wind blowing your skirt too high? Well these shorts are long enough to cover up anything that may happen.

Promover High Waist Biker Yoga Shorts

Long Dresses for a Wedding Photgrapher in Style

If you are a fan of wearing dresses, try out maxi or midi skirts. Midis can be worn with any set and fit in at both casual events as well as formal occasions. On the other hand, maxi dresses allow you more movement, perfect for wedding photographers always on the go!

Here’s our list of dresses you might like:

BTFBM Bohemian Sleeveless Floral Midi Sundress

MITILLY Sleeveless Midi Dress with Pockets

Milumina Women’s Button Up Floral Maxi Dress

Semi-Formal and Practical Outfits

Fashionable and timeless – perfect for formal occasions, such as weddings. These types of photographer outfits are an excellent choice to stay comfortable while looking professional at the same time.

Timeson Chiffon V Neck Cuffed Sleeve Blouse

Port Authority Knit Blazer

Cicy Bell Women’s Open Front Office Jacket Blazer

Marycrafts Pull-On Stretch Yoga Dress Pants

Love Bonito Jamia Cowl Neck Jumpsuit

We Have Options for Pregnant On-The-Go Photographers Too!

The best thing about being a wedding photographer is getting to wear whatever dress or top your heart desires as long as it gives you the comfort to do your job. But what do we do when there’s another family member coming? These outfits cover all of our needs without sacrificing style: versatile clothes with an extra flair because I know how difficult dressing up pregnant can be!

YESNO Casual Dress with Pockets

Levaca Casual Midi Dress

Smallshow Women’s Maternity Split Long Nursing Dress

As a wedding photographer, you must know what the appropriate attire is for your profession. The best rule to follow is not to stand out too much so as not to distract from the bride and groom but at the same time show off your individuality with some flair! What are some outfits you think to work well? Let us know below!

But first of all, here’s what you should avoid when choosing your Wedding Photographer Outfit:

Don’t bring unwanted attention to yourself

I like wearing things that won’t grab too much attention, so that I can blend in with the background effortlessly! I personally prefer all-black outfits so that I don’t stand out.

Don’t dress like a bridesmaid

Don’t blend in with the couple’s theme too much.

I choose to wear all black or wear dark clothes. A little black dress has always been popular among wedding photographers who want to have their own identity on such awesome occasions as weddings – also choosing practical yet still elegant clothing.

Don’t be underdressed

Weddings are a formal affair, so it is important to dress accordingly. Think stylish and elegant attire. You’re not going to a frat party!

Being overdressed

As a wedding photographer, you should not be overdressed for the event. Leave you ball gowns at home.

Don’t show cleavage or crack.

I avoid things like low-cut tops or short skirts. For some cultural and/or religious weddings, it’s also important to cover shoulders, knees, and sometimes ankles.

For the love of cheese and crackers, do not wear white!

Please don’t wear white. I don’t care if there are two grooms. Just don’t do it.

… unless it’s an all-white wedding and you have been specifically requested!

For asian weddings, do not wear red.

The Wedding Photographer Attire: Tips for your next Wedding Shoot

Dress comfortably so that you can move around

I squat. I kneel. I climb trees. I climb on things.

It is important to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and are still acceptable by the wedding dress code.

Your wedding photographer outfit will affect your ability to capture perfect photographs, so it’s best not to wear clothing items that may inhibit or limit this process.

Wear Quality Shoes

Let’s face it, weddings are a whirlwind of people and photo ops. As the wedding photographer, you’ll be running all over to capture every moment as they happen so make sure your shoes don’t hinder this process. 

Wear closed-toe flats for easy movement because there is no telling what terrain you may need to traverse to get that perfect shot – muddy puddles? Garden ledges? No problem!

I did a poll on my instagram stories about whether it would be okay if I wore black sneakers with black soles, and surprisingly enough, all of my past couples and future couples all voted yes!

Wear clothes that you can sweat in, but not show it

This is why I wear all black.

Be Your Best Self

Looking professional doesn’t just mean dressing in a way that is typically considered to be formal. You can still express yourself and be stylish if you use elegant accessories, such as necklaces, earrings, and watches. These subtle changes will help emphasize your individuality without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Use the wedding theme to influence your attire, and you’ll be sure to look both stylish and appropriate. Depending on if it’s a formal or casual celebration, this will help you curate the perfect outfit!

Consult the couple

When uncertain, you can always inquire what the dress code is for your client’s wedding day. Ask them if it’s formal or semi-formal and ask about colors they should avoid; white symbolizes death in some cultures so it may not be a welcomed color on their special day.

Want shoes to pair p with your wedding photogrpher outfit? Check out this article here!

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