MIT Chapel Wedding

If you are looking for a stunning location to have your wedding, look no further than MIT chapel. With its modern aesthetic and industrial design, this venue is perfect for the couple who wants their day to be filled with love and adventure. MIT Chapel has had a long history of hosting weddings since it opened in 1965. Whether you want an intimate ceremony or an extravagant affair, the professionals at MIT Chapel will help make your wedding day dreams come true!

Location: 48 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139


MIT chapel is a non-denominational chapel with extremely cool elements. The building, designed by architect Eero Saarinen, is a textured brick cylinder and inside of the big spherical room is a circular skylight, which lets a stream of light fall onto a white marble alter. Hung above the alter is a metal sculpture by Harry Bertoia.

I love the way that light catches on the metal, and how the white marble alter reflects light through the rest of the room. Though the room has supplemental artificial light in addition to the skylight, it’s a tad dark.

While most of my photography style depends on natural light during the day, I do prefer using a tiny bit of off-camera flash in this space when I photograph guests’ faces to give them a bit of dimension.

The MIT Chapel makes for a really beautiful wedding venue. The chapel’s main structure is a circular building surrounded by a moat, with a covered bridge as an entryway to the building.

It’s a very intimate chapel which can seat about 115 people normally, but additional chair can be added to accommodate up to 160 people. The aisle is relatively short which goes only about 6-7 rows. This leads to the front of the stage with three steps onto a circular stage with a plain marble altar beneath a large skylight.

There is also a “waterfall of light” behind the stage, which is actually a reflective kinetic sculpture. Most important the overall aura of the venue provides and atmosphere of peace and focus.

It includes parking for about 10 cars.


The Activities Complex offers quite a few services for an MIT Chapel wedding all year round, and for associated events (engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, receptions. They are usually available from June to mid-August.

Among those services include scheduling and reservation, site visit or walkthrough with recommendations and advice based on past weddings, room set up, the use of inventory, and arrangements for rental furniture but with additional cost.


You would need to identify the date of your event, and complete a Personal Event Application for submission and procession, then you will receive a tentative confirmation email.

Students who are currently taking up studies in MIT are not required to pay fees for MIT Chapel ceremonies. However, others have 15 days to submit a 50% deposit to lock their reservation. They have to pay the remaining balance one month prior their booked date.

Fees can amount to around $210 for a 3 hour event, including one hour for set up, one hour for ceremony, and one hour for clean up.


The Campus Activities Complex at MIT always looks forward to helping make you special day a moment you won’t forget. However, in order to book the space for your wedding, you must be a member of the MIT community, whether a student, staff, faculty, or alumni, or even children of MIT alumni.

You should also know when you will be holding your wedding since the availability is limited to when school is out of session.

Another downside is that it is only available for religious ceremonies. It is not available for weddings officiated by a justice of peace, even if it is non-denominational.

Wedding receptions or dinners are only allowed to go until 11 PM. Alcohol service must stop at 10:30 PM and the music must stop by 10:45 PM.

Choosing the right venue for your wedding is one of the most important decisions you will make.

The MIT Chapel, a beautiful building with an amazing atmosphere that provides peace and tranquility to all who enter its doors, should be at the top of your list when considering venues for your big day.

This stunning chapel has everything you need to create memories that last a lifetime—and more importantly, it’s perfect whether you’re looking for something traditional or unique!

Are there any other venues from our blog posts that stand out as being particularly appealing? All these places are great options – just let us know which one suits your needs best!

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