Top 20 Tips for Your Engagement Session in Boston: Locations, Tips, and Ideas

Hey there! Got an engagement photo session coming up in Boston? Having spent 15 years capturing photos in Boston, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way.

My no-fuss “engagement session planning guide in Boston” breaks down the basics: where to snap, when to go, and what to wear for those Insta-worthy shots.

Follow these tips and let’s make your Boston engagement session a blast!

Imagine the feel and vibe that you’d prefer for your Boston engagement photos

Start planning and considering the look and feel of your Boston engagement photos to ensure that the final images embody your personality, style, and relationship dynamics.

I make it a priority to understand my couples and ensure that the engagement session reflects their unique visions. Whether they have specific location ideas, or concepts in mind, I am happy to collaborate with them.

Ask your photographer to help select the perfect location based on your selected vibe

When it comes to picking a spot in Boston, there are plenty of locations to consider. Apart from that iconic location you always see, you can consider adding a personal touch by thinking about places that mean something to both of you, such as that cute little bar where you first met or the fancy restaurant where you had your first date.

One of the tips I give my couples is to engage in activities you both enjoy, whether it’s grabbing gelato at your favorite spot or walking around your local park.

Check out our favorite spots in Boston, like the charming Boston Public Garden with its beautiful trees or the historic Beacon Hill neighborhood here.

Pick your favorite season for your engagement photo

Late spring and early fall are awesome times for a Boston engagement photo session because the weather is a perfect time for engagement photos – not too hot, not too cold. If you’re thinking about a winter engagement session, try scheduling it between 3-5 pm to catch that beautiful soft light.

For that extra magical touch, aim for the golden hour, just before sunset. The light at this time is perfect for photography, creating a soft, warm glow that’s ideal for engagement photos. Discuss with your photographer to find the best time for your engagement session, utilizing their tips and experience.

Consider a weekday morning

Choosing a weekday morning for your engagement session is a total win-win! It’s a tip I always share with my couples because it’s seriously awesome. With fewer folks around, you’ll have all the space you need to snuggle up and capture those sweet, intimate moments.

And let’s talk about that morning light – it’s pure magic! Soft, flattering, and oh-so-glowy, it’ll make you both look like absolute superstars in your engagement photos. Plus, starting your day with a fun photo session sets the vibe for the rest of your plans. It’s like giving your day an extra boost of joy and positivity!

Verify logistical details and legal requirements for your engagement session

Now that you have location ideas in Boston, it’s essential to conduct thorough research on logistics and legalities. Some iconic locations in Boston may have specific permits and regulations or fees associated with engagement sessions and wedding photography. Review the legal requirements of the location, such as liability waivers and insurance coverage.

Make sure your chosen Boston location is accessible, safe, and equipped with adequate amenities and street parking.

Make it a date! Incorporate an activity

Turn your Boston engagement shoot into a fun-filled date! Use this time to get cozy, share some laughs, and just be yourselves. If you’re feeling a bit nervous, grab a coffee together beforehand or pause for a quick snuggle during the engagement shoot.

It’s all about having a good time, and those candid, unplanned moments often turn into the best photos. One of the best tips I can give is to embrace the spontaneity of the shoot to create genuine and joyful memories.

What to wear for your Boston engagement session

The outfits you wear play a significant role in the outcome of your engagement photos. Go for colors and styles that go together nicely – you don’t have to match exactly, just aim for a harmonious look.

Try them on before the engagement photo shoot to make sure they look good and feel comfortable. Whether you’re sporting casual jeans and tees or opting for a more formal ensemble, the key is to wear something that reflects your personal style and ensures you will feel relaxed and at ease.

Match your outfit with your chosen Boston location and theme

You want to pick clothes that not only look great together but also fit the vibe of where you’re shooting your engagement photos. Ensure the style is practical, considering factors like the ease of moving around your chosen engagement photo location.

The theme of the Boston engagement session should also be considered when selecting outfits. For a classic or vintage shoot, opt for timeless attire. For a casual, rustic feel, denim and boots are great.

Bring a second outfit for your engagement photos

This tip allows engagement photographers and you to add variety to your photos and capture different looks for your engagement photo. It’s about a quick style switch-up for photographers to capture different vibes.

It also gives you options to have more photos to choose from for your wedding announcements, save-the-dates, wedding day exhibits or to display in your home.

Book a Hair and makeup artist for your Boston engagement photos

Having a hair and makeup trial from a professional before your engagement photo session is a great idea to ensure you’re feeling confident and looking your best on the photo shoot day. It’s also a great opportunity to test how your hair makeup holds up throughout the day, which is super important for your wedding day look. Start researching for professional hair and makeup artists near you!

Don’t make any drastic changes: hair, skin, etc.

Avoid any major hair changes like haircuts or colors and experiment with new styles right before your engagement session. It’s best to stick with the look you feel comfortable with, as this will ensure you feel like yourself on the day of the engagement shoot.

Unexpected results from a facial or new skin treatment can be difficult to fix last minute, and a spray tan gone wrong is the last thing you want to worry about.

Give your nails some TLC just in time for your engagement photos

Take some time to pamper your nails, you can either give yourself a DIY manicure or treat yourself to a salon. Keep it chill and make sure your nails look neat and tidy. Go for a nail color that vibes with your outfit and the laid-back feel of your engagement photos

And don’t neglect to moisturize your hands and nails regularly beforehand to keep them looking healthy and hydrated during your Boston engagement session.

Carry light

Bring as little as possible! I find that shooting while walking is the easiest and most comfortable approach. So I always advise my couple to keep it light as it helps maintain a great flow and avoids the hassle of constantly setting down bags.

Here’s a pro tip: bring a pair of comfortable shoes for walking. While some outfits may call for less comfortable footwear, it’s always a good idea to have a backup pair handy! Our team often only shoots from the waist up, so your feet won’t be seen in the engagement photos anyway.

What’s the Plan B in case of weather?

Weather can be pretty unpredictable, right? That’s why it’s super important to stay in the loop with the forecast on the day of your engagement session. If things start looking a bit iffy, you can quickly make some adjustments like grabbing umbrellas or switching to an indoor spot.

Plus, knowing what to expect weather-wise helps you pick out the right outfits and make sure you’re comfy throughout the shoot.

Make sure to be on time

Don’t forget to be on time! Being punctual sets the tone for a fun and relaxed shoot, so plan to arrive with a little extra time to spare. This way, you can ease into the session without any rush, giving you a few moments to catch your breath and get comfortable with the surroundings.

Grab a bite before you arrive

And while you’re at it, grab a quick bite to eat before you head out. Having a light meal or a snack will provide the energy you need to stay focused and enjoy the session, ensuring you and your partner are not distracted by hunger pangs during your Boston engagement session.

Don’t overthink your session

Feeling a tad nervous about being in front of the camera for your Boston engagement photos is totally normal. Just take it easy and be your awesome selves.

No need to copy that cool pose from Instagram or strike a forced smile in your engagement photos. Remember, the most memorable photos are the ones where you’re simply enjoying the moment together, not stressing over the perfect pose. And if you ever find yourselves unsure of what to do, just lean in for a kiss!

So forget about perfection and focus on the connection!

Trust your photographer

When couples place their confidence in their engagement photographer, it sets the stage for a relaxed and enjoyable shoot. As a photographer, I’m here to make sure we get some great photos without the session feeling like a chore. I’ll throw out some pointers for where to stand and how to get the best light, but honestly, just be yourselves.

It’s about letting go of the need to control every frame and instead, embracing the spontaneity that comes with genuine interaction. So, laugh, play, hug, and let your love shine – I’ll be there to catch it all through my lens.

Cap Off Your Session with a Celebration!

Consider this one of the bonus tips to cap off your engagement session. After your morning or afternoon shoot, head out for a delicious meal at your favorite restaurant or try out that trendy new spot you’ve been eyeing. Since you’re already dressed up and feeling good, why not enjoy a delicious bite together?

It’s the perfect way to keep the good times rolling and celebrate the awesome moments you’ve captured during your session!

Plan out the best ways to show off your engagement shots!

There are so many fun and creative ways to showcase your engagement photos! Share the excitement on social media, or incorporate them into save-the-dates and wedding invitations. You might even consider crafting a beautiful photo album or selecting a few favorites to adorn your home with a personal touch.

Great news! We offer professional print services and can help in designing your wedding guestbook. It’s a straightforward process, and we’re here every step of the way to guide you.

After the photo session, we’ll show you the photographs and assist you in creating your wedding guestbook. We’ll even create mock-ups to give you a preview of how everything will come together.

Additionally, we can produce stunning wall art for your home to show off your new engagement photos. Many couples choose a combination of prints or a single, striking piece that commands attention.

Feel free to reach out to us; we’d love to help

Engagement Session Planning Guide in Boston: Wrapping It Up!

Planning your engagement session in Boston is an exciting adventure!

From selecting locations that resonate with your love story to coordinating outfits, hiring a makeup artist, and choosing the perfect photographer, every detail counts—including all the helpful tips we’ve provided.

Don’t forget to infuse your Boston engagement photos with personal touches, experiment with various poses, and, most importantly, enjoy every moment!

Whether you’re reading our tips for the first time or revisiting them, embrace the process.

Frequently Asked Questions for your Engagement Shoot

How long is a typical engagement session?

A typical engagement session usually lasts around 1 to 2 hours. This timeframe allows enough time for photographers to capture a variety of shots in different locations or settings while ensuring that you don’t feel rushed.

Does my wedding photographer have to be the same as my engagement photographer? 

Some do because they like the continuity of getting to know one person very well and being able to trust them for their wedding day! It’s nice to have that trust!

However, sometimes I’m not available for a wedding couple on their wedding day. I only take one wedding per day, and because human cloning isn’t yet legal or ethical, I unfortunately can’t photograph all the weddings that I wish I could.

As an alternative, I love being able to shoot Boston engagement photographs for couples that I’m unable to photograph their weddings.

How do I book my engagement photo session with you?

Awesome! Head over here to schedule a phone call or send me an email!

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