Alden Castle Wedding

Alden Castle at 20 Chapel Street, Brookline is a beautiful, romantic venue in the heart of Massachusetts. A Longwood Venue, Alden Castle offers stunning views and an enchanting atmosphere for your special day.  In addition to their majestic location, they also offer beautifully decorated event halls with royal tudor architecture with stunning becara chandeliers to make every event grand and special. Alden Castle venues like the Vintage Ballroom and the Modern Club are perfect for intimate weddings or large receptions. 

Many couples immediately consider Alden Castle for its vintage romance combined with elegant modernity. Wedding planning has never been easier with Alden Castle’s experienced staff who will help you plan every detail down to minor considerations like flowers and music selection. If you’re looking for a place where memories can be made on your wedding day as well as years later when you look back at all of the pre-wedding pictures, then time to include this majestic venue in your wedding ideas!

The Colorful History of Alden Castle

Alden Castle’s history is rich with the spirit of Prohibition-era America. Originally a bar and nightclub called “The Last Resort”, the castle’s architecture reflects the roaring nightlife in Brookline during that time period. These features are then combined with elements seen in European Castles bringing about a fairytale vibe to the place. 

Over decades, neighboring areas were bought up by Alden Castle’s owners before eventually expanding into what we know today; An expansive property featuring multiple buildings from different eras all tucked away on one venue. 

The castle hosted many distinguished persons like Red Sox General Manager Eddi Collins and even the most talked-about Babe Ruth. At present time, the castle continues to receive prominent personalities like Hollywood celebrities and different sports teams. 

Amenities in Alden Castle

The whole place is also wheelchair accessible – you’ll be sure your guests are comfortable while they experience all of the great space Alden Castle has to offer! A coat check room will help keep the coats of people who came from outside. 

Alden Castle is a beautiful venue for any occasion. Along with its many in-house amenities like linens, upgraded chairs and tables for reception, it’s also easy to access and can accommodate most needs. You can also arrange valet parking. 

Furthermore, with features like wireless internet throughout the building’s interior there will never be any service issues. Day-of coordinators make sure everything goes smoothly from start to finish. The greatest thing about Alden Castle? It’s available for bookings, the whole year round! 

Restrictions in Alden Castle

All food and drink must be handled by the Alden’s staff. It is also up to them what kind of decorations are allowed—so unless you want to deal with a strict staff on these matters, make sure that your wedding vendors know this beforehand so they can plan ahead accordingly. If there’s anything else you need for decorating purposes, don’t worry about bringing in rice pomanders or confetti; all those little do-dads have been deemed unacceptable by the management team at Alden Castle! 

Amplified music is allowed indoors only but it must end before 2:00AM sharp to avoid disrupting neighboring residents who live nearby as well as others staying at surrounding hotels/motels within close proximity to this event site during peak summer season.

Smoking isn’t permitted inside or outside the area so pack that lighter away for now. Alcoholic beverages can also be provided by Alden but remember that drinks served at your reception cannot exceed 200 proof alcohol per person and guests drinking must be over the age of 21+. Also, alcohol served cannot exceed 25% of a total bar tab on-site

Alden Castle Wedding Venue

Alden Castle’s marble doorways and soaring ceilings make it so that every bride, groom, guest and photo goer will be awed by its beauty. Plus the Boston wedding venue has light in abundant supply with which to accommodate elegant and mesmerizing photography. 

As a venue, Alden Castle can host events in two spaces, the Vintage Ballroom and Mezzanine, and the Modern Club and Balcony, offers two unique atmospheres that can be selected.

Vintage Ballroom +Mezzanine

The Vintage Ballroom and Mezzanine is the ideal venue for a wedding. With captivating royal Tudor architecture, silk champagne draperies and dramatic windows that flood the space with light, it’s hard to find more of an ethereal setting than this grand ballroom in Boston. 


Highlights include soaring ceilings, oversized windows and mirrors as well as a separate lounge area overlooking the amazing glass chandeliers! Alden Castle also recently built a library to encourage an amazing gathering experience. 

The Vintage Ballroom and Mezzanine in Boston offers an excellent setting coupled with private spaces perfect for holding other types of functions including funds raising gala dinners or even hosting filming sessions as well as shoots by famous designers looking into showcasing new collections


The Vintage Ballroom is a versatile venue for any type of event. Parties can range from cocktail parties with up to 350 guests or a Boston wedding that include programs with 250 wedding guests, all the way down to dinner and dancing events at 200 guests or 300 guests in theatre-style seating arrangements.

Modern Club + Balcony

The Modern Club and Balcony is a historic event space in Boston with an Old-World charm. It has a luxurious, regal feel with its original gold leafed fleur-de-lis ceiling and original Alden Park Manor royal crests on dark mahogany walls. 


The perfectly balanced space is welcoming to people; highlights include the balcony overlooking the main room which provides an intimate atmosphere for your ceremony, tall windows that let in natural light during all seasons of year as well as Murano glass chandeliers that add dimension to any event.


This Modern Club and Balcony has the capacity to accommodate 300 cocktail party guests, 150 for seated events and 100 guests for dinner. But no matter how many are in attendance at this elegant venue, every person will have excellent views thanks to its state-of-the-art sound system that also provides an intimate setting perfect for smaller gatherings.

How much does it cost to get married in Alden Castle?

A wedding in Alden Castle is a grand affair. The average base cost for a wedding at Alden Castle is calculated by figuring out how many wedding guests you have on Saturday night with a minimum spend of $22,000. Let’s just say that you’re planning to have 125-person and it will be on a Saturday. The total price can come up to $45,000 with administration charge and sales tax which are included in this calculation. Price is rounded up to the nearest thousand. 

What You Get

The venue allows 6 hours of event time excluding set up and clean up time. Additional hours can be arranged for a fee of $1,500/hr. This wedding fee estimate does not encompass transport, the DJ, the photographer, entertainment, decor, and other additional rentals which is approximately another 10%-15%. The breakdown includes the following:

Rental Fee

Renting a space at Alden Castle ranges from $1000 – $5000/ event and this is applied towards the minimum required to spend. The price includes the site fee and ceremony fee. The rental price depends on: day of the week, time of year, size reserved, and service charge of 22%. 

With the rental fee, you can be assured of the basic setup for the wedding receptions and venues, complete utensils, and in-house tables dressed in beautiful linens by the Alden Castle staff. You also get brown Chiavari chairs so you can sit comfortably throughout dinner! 

In the case that Alden Castle is needed to host two weddings simultaneously, they will be in different areas of the building. You won’t have any problems with bathroom and kitchen access as each space has its own entrance, bathrooms, and kitchens.


Alden Castle offers a wide range of meals that have fresh ingredients. The dining experience at this venue is driven by David Blessing who earned experience for over three decades in catering, inns, restaurants, and the Four Season Hotel company. He seeks to create distinguished meals showcasing high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients. 

Whether your cuisine is a buffet or a plated dinner, you can expect tempting fare and beverages for your celebration. The meals are estimated to be $90 per person and are truly worth it for their impeccable taste! 

The Good Cause and Longwood Venues

Your wedding ceremony and reception fees don’t go to waste! A part of it goes to help support Alden Castle’s foundation. Longwood Giving strives to provide quality services through hosting events such as fundraisers or conferences for nonprofit organizations in order to give back to our Community!

Guest Accommodations Near Alden Castle

3.5 miles from Boston’s Financial District, 2.2 miles from Copley, and across the street from green line T stop. Guests are welcome to enjoy the city as accommodations in close proximity to Alden Castle are always available.

The Double Tree; Fairmont Battery Wharf

In these luxury accomodations, you can enjoy views that stretch as far as Fort Independence on Georges Island across Back Bay to Cambridge’s Harvard Yard all while being only minutes away from our beautiful coastline!

Other Services of Longwood Venues in Alden Castle

Alden Castle is the ideal event space for your next special occasion. The venue can accommodate weddings, corporate meetings, fundraisers galas and more! Contact them directly with inquiries of all types to see how they can help you plan an unforgettable affair.


Alden Castle is a great wedding venue that offers both space and accessibility. The castle’s interiors already have all the details you need to make your big day come alive and your photos look natural and grand, so it doesn’t require much decoration from you! You can also count on an unforgettable and grand event at this beautiful destination, which has everything you need for weddings – not just any old place but one with heart. What are some of the things that drew you to Alden Castle? Let us know in the comments below or visit the Longwood website to book for the next available slot!

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